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10 technologies you must have to be able to build an effective remote team

  • Building a team to work remotely "Business Intelligence".
  • A remote workforce can cut overall costs, increase productivity, and improve employee efficiency.
  • Better yet, it can create more “Happy Employees” who are more productive.
  • This leads to a better customer experience and increased profits.

And who doesn't want that? Let's find out some details about Build a team to work remotely, which includes a number of tools to make remote work easier.

Feeling perfect

For SMEs, building a remote workforce makes perfect sense. They need advantages that they can gain. That's why more and more team building businesses are interested in Build a team to work remotely.

The key to building an effective, productive remote workforce is technology. Thanks to great advances in technology, the remote workforce has taken a leap forward.

If you're thinking about the remote workforce, let's take a look at some of the key assistive technologies you'll likely need. They will help you create a cost-effective tool:

Key technology

Businesses can manage digital devices assigned to employees using the following six key assistive technologies:

  • VPN — Virtual Private Network is the most important technology. It provides a secure communication channel through public Internet connections.
  • VoIP — Voice over Internet protocol cuts communication costs and increases team flexibility. With VoIP, employees can access their office phone calls from anywhere, send instant messages, forward calls to mobile phones, teleconference with clients and colleagues, etc.

Solution virtual PBX VoIP

VoIP technology solutions are more and more popular with companies that need a professional PBX system to communicate with customers, not stop at internal communication. And your staff can still make or receive calls from customers anytime, anywhere in a professional manner. That is the VoIP virtual PBX solution. 

  • Data Backup/Recovery — Keeping critical data secure is a challenge. So make sure remote workers have access to backup software. They should also have a secondary backup system. Review workarounds with them to ensure that data is still being backed up.
  • Network security (Network Security) — Cybersecurity is paramount. Being hacked can cost you a lot of money and generate a lot of bad news from the press. Hackers can also hinder efficiency and productivity.
  • Antivirus software — Another must-have feature. Most PCs come standard with firewall and antivirus protection. Upgrade to effective security solutions for businesses. And stay up to date with updates.
  • Technology-enabled communication tools — This is the key to increasing employee productivity and efficiency. Think of applications as internal calling of PBX software Gcalls, SharePoint, Microsoft Lynclinc and GoToMeetingGoTo Meeting. The remote workforce would be "dead in the water" without these things.

The above six technologies are the “backbone” of a good remote workforce system. Make sure your IT team has expertise in all of them as well as in broadband technology.

Other assistive technologies to help build effective remote teams

While these technologies are not as important as the ones above, they are still important to the remote workforce:

  • Cloud technology — Cloud optimization is becoming more and more important to businesses today. Many companies are transitioning to the cloud for easy access outside of the office. Compatible desktop software, mobile apps are a must.

Cloud technology connects data anytime, anywhere

  • Home Office — Employees working from home need good office technology. Don't overlook laptops, tablets, and printers. A high-quality headset is also very important in internal communication or communication with customers.
  • Management software — You'll still need communication and feedback tools to manage remote employees. Project management tools, like Basecamp, 15Five or call center management tools like Gcalls Plus Webphone Cloud-based alternative to manual reporting.


Detailed report table according to Gcalls integrated with Google Data Studio

  • Time tracking application — Time tag software technology helps keep track of teleworkers (and other off-site employees). It sends data directly to HR staff for payroll, saving time and cutting down on paperwork.

Building a team to work remotely can create the competitive edge you need to survive in today's tough market. It's important to combine the right technologies with the right people. It will assist in creating a remote workforce to cut costs, increase productivity, and create branded customer experiences.

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