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5 things about customer experience every salesperson should know

5 things about customer experience every salesperson should know


Offer, sell, move on to new customers. That is the old way of selling that is no longer relevant to modern customers. Today, people crave connection and simplicity, but most salespeople don't learn these things. Russell Brunson, co-founder and co-CEO of ClickFunnels, believes that instead of focusing on product sales and revenue numbers, salespeople should focus on connections and individuals.

5 things about customer experience every salesperson should know

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Customer experience and sales are two inseparable worlds, but often salespeople are easily stereotyped when trying to cram a certain message instead of giving customers a great experience. To drive sales and create a lasting relationship, you need to understand customer experience. Here are 5 important lessons about customer experience that every salesperson should know:

Customers don't like complexity

Many websites are filled with navigation bars, ads, and menus. According to Brunson, customers are often overwhelmed in this mess. Most customers will get confused, can't find what they want and then leave the site. Customers don't know about the sales process, the product, or the salespeople. They also often avoid things they don't understand or find themselves overwhelmed; This is the reason why customers turn away from websites that display too many products. 

When considering web user experience, focus on quality over quantity. Giving customers a few simple options is better than a bunch of products that confuse them. 

Impressive experiences are often simple and continuous

The company's goal is to make the lives of their customers easier. Customers often prefer seamless and simple experiences. Brunson for example by comparing when a customer goes to the grocery store – they will be confused as they have to wander through the store to find the item they want; but they will have a stronger experience walking around with someone who can identify needs and related items with the products they intend to buy. 

Sales funnels enhance traditional websites by leading customers through a streamlined and streamlined sales process. Each page focuses on a single action, which is to take the customer to the product the customer wants and make the next logical suggestion. Brunson argues that sales funnels are better than traditional sales websites in that they help customers have a better experience by giving them exactly what they need without confusing them.

Customers crave connection, not compulsion

Customer experience It's not just about making a sale – it's everything the customer thinks and feels along the way. Customers want to be valued and seen as a real individual, not forced to buy an item they don't really need. Listening to the offer with a sample paragraph read to every client obviously won't create a lasting relationship. 

Modern branding focuses on relationships, not sales

Creating a great experience doesn't mean you'll immediately sell the product, it's about creating a lasting relationship with your customers. Brunson often follows the formula: lead, tell a story, offer. 

First, a brand will grab the customer's attention with an eye-catching headline or video. From there, lead to a window that tells them a story to build a connection. After that, the brand can start making its offer. The customer may not accept the offer or immediately make a purchase. But because they've heard the story and feel the connection, they'll be interested in the brand and able to build an understanding relationship. 

Storytelling helps customers associate the brand, allowing them to gradually become loyal customers. Build a strong relationship that keeps customers coming back instead of getting caught up in using traditional sales messages and only selling once. Modern brands focus on creating relationships, not just the brand logo.

Personalization should be prioritized

Big, flashy ads aren't as effective as they once were. Customers feel more connected with personalized messages. They want to feel connected to something and know that it's made for them and not for the crowd out there. Sales messages can still be both automated and extensive, and targeted at a fixed target. 

This is especially true in the context of a global pandemic, when people are isolated in a way we have never experienced before. In unusual times like these, customers often want to be engaged in something. When they feel a personal connection to the brand, it builds a long-term, sustainable commercial advantage more than any television or internet advertisement can do. 

Customer experience is a real battleground in the field of sales. It doesn't matter how good your product is if your advertising tricks confuse, overwhelm, or bother customers. To create a lasting relationship that keeps selling, focus on customer experience.

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