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6 ways to text customers effectively in the sales process

2020 is the year of the World Gen Y (Millennials), the generation that dominates the workforce in today's volatile world.

According to the Pew Research Center, millennials have officially surpassed Gen X, becoming the most representative generation in the modern workforce, with 53.5 million people. In the coming years, more and more people from this generation will hold important positions in society.

And given that 68% millennials admit that they text "a lot" every day, compared to 47% in Gen X, we firmly believe that SMS will become an important factor. in the sales process. If millennials are the ones making the big decisions, it makes a lot more sense to use their preferred communication channels.

However, even though millennials are spending a lot of time texting, they haven't completely given up on using email. The question is, why should we bother? Message customers when traditional methods of communication like email have yielded successful results over the years?

Simply because:

SMS (Short Messaging Service – Short Message Service) creates a personal connection that email can't.

Since the majority of modern conversations take place via texting, people are used to building personal and professional relationships through messaging apps on their phones. 

Potential customers often feel comfortable having an actual conversation via SMS. Moving a sales conversation from an email inbox to a text inbox will make the relationship you're trying to build with your customers stronger.

Today, the question people care about is not whether your business should use SMS, but should you use it. SMS messages How to maximize its potential and avoid being misunderstood as a scary salesperson. In the article below, we'll cover 6 ways that you can effectively use text messaging to attract leads and close more sales.

1. Don't text the customer right after the customer fills out the contact form 

No one wants to receive a text from someone they don't know.

If a potential customer has just given you their number through a form, your relationship with them has not yet been established. They won't expect (or want) an instant message from you.

Don't send the message right after the customer has just received the email. 

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The best attack plan is to schedule a call or send a few emails back and forth before Message customers. It's important to establish a relationship first, and then to initiate text outreach.

2. Send a short text message when you need a quick and simple answer

Make text messages simple and short. 

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One of the best reasons to use SMS messages To get in touch with potential customers is getting answers faster than by phone or email.

The 2017 State of SMS report estimates that 7 billion text messages will be sent this year, and 90% of them will be read within 3 minutes.

Because text messages are short and engaging, they have become a great means of sending questions and getting answers quickly. Usually, a brief text will be read within a few minutes and you will also have an answer within minutes.

3. Use texting your customers as a way to follow them

Take advantage of messaging your customers as a way to keep track of them. Image source:

We firmly believe that tracking is one of the most important elements of the sales process. After you've sent your customer's confirmation email, a short follow-up piece of text can be the perfect impetus to get the prospect to consider your offer. Remember, since 90% text messages are read within minutes, chances are your SMS follow-up messages will be immediately visible and prompt your potential customer to respond.

The body of your message should not be written as an essay. Think of something simple, for example: 

Dear Mr. Huy/Ms. Chi – I just wanted to make sure you have seen the email I sent with my schedule.

Since all you're trying to do is push customers to respond quickly, the more concise your text, the more likely they'll be to respond. And simplicity is key.

4. Use words and tone appropriate to the conversation

Use words and tone appropriate to the conversation.

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One thing to keep in mind when using text messages as a sales tool is that the context of the conversation, the words, and the tone of voice are appropriate for that context. When we interviewed HouseCall Pro, the unit with an increase in closing rate of 15% using SMS messages, they shared how to find the right words and tone:

“It is important to have the right tone of voice when you Message customers. If you are doing demo confirmation and 'trading' text, keep your tone professional and to the point. If you're using it for post-demo follow-up and you've built a relationship with the client, then text as freely as you would with a friend."

If you don't want to ruin your relationship with your client by appearing unprofessional, don't text your client in the same tone of voice you would when chatting with friends, at least if you're just getting to know the client. 

5. Know when to stop

Know when it's time to stop.

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The most important factor in sales is recognizing when enough is enough. If you don't get a response to your message, it won't be a good sign to keep driving customers. In another of our interviews with HouseCall Pro, they emphasized the need to be mindful when it comes to signals from potential clients:

“If you send a few messages with no response, stop immediately. Because sometimes it will bring worse consequences than effective.”

Don't be a scary salesman who doesn't stop Message customers, even if your customer doesn't want to text back. Some customers may enjoy texting, but others may not. Be careful if you don't want to lose a potential customer before you close the deal.

6. Manage and measure customer messaging efforts in your CRM

Manage and measure customer messaging efforts in your CRM. 

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Many years ago, when the rate of use SMS messages is on the rise, sales teams are reluctant to use it for the sales process. The reason could be that they are afraid to try something new, or because of the lack of traceable data. Because when messaging happens, CRM software is not built to track interactions that happen via SMS.

Fortunately, that is a thing of the past.

Today, integrating SMS into CRM software is as simple as integrating phone calls and emailing. You can Message customers with just one click to any SMS-enabled number across Vietnam, and beyond. Incoming messages show up in the Inbox and the delivery source is the same as emails, work assignments, and missed calls.

In addition, today SMS Brandname service is used more and more widely by businesses, allowing them to send advertising messages or take care of customers with the company brand, thereby leaving a mark of the brand in the hearts of customers. products, enhance brand value and create professionalism. Many CRM software or call center software already have this feature built-in, providing users with an experience with many different communication channels right on one interface.

Now it's your turn to act

When millennials As they begin to dominate the workforce, it's time to change their usual sales practices to suit their preferences. If millennials are spending a lot of time texting, the best way salespeople need to do is turn sales conversations into text messages. 

To sum it up again, we have 6 customer messaging strategies to chat with potential customers, which are:

  • Don't text the customer right after the customer fills out the contact form 
  • Send a short text message when you need a quick and simple answer
  • Use texting your customers as a way to follow them
  • Use words and tone appropriate to the conversation
  • Know when to stop
  • Manage and measure customer messaging efforts in your CRM

Here are 6 strategies to use Message customers to chat with potential customers that we recommend incorporating into your sales pipeline. So what is your opinion on the issue of usage? SMS messages in the sales process? Have you started using the power of text messaging in your lead nurturing process or are you still skeptical about the tool?

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