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9 Cold Calling tips for salespeople (Part 1)

Why do people hate cold calling? And why is that good news for you?

It's 2021 now and despite what others lead you to believe is cold calling (telemarketing) outdated, but in fact it's not dead yet. We suggest you some tips and techniques cold calling new below.

But now let's start with a practical example:

“Hello sir/madam…I am…and…from the company… My side is working on solutions to help streamline the delivery process of the business. Would you like to hear more about it?”

Immediately the recipient heard these words coming from the other end of the line, their first instinct was to roll their eyes and hang up.


Because of sales agent perform cold calling too bad! Think about it, you hate cold calling and everyone is like you.

Everyone, except the sales agent use form telemarketing and sales To generate millions of dollars in actual sales today, no one likes the feeling of being disturbed by an unexpected conversation they weren't prepared for.

We mean some people even consider cold calling is a violation of privacy. However, for some reason, the techniques telemarketing and sales still effective in generating more revenue if we know how to apply it properly.

In this article, Gcalls will explain why cold calling has withstood the test of time, with tips and techniques cold calling most useful to help you improve sales rate its success.

The inspiration for this article was sparked by a Topics get a lot of attention on LinkedIn:

What is cold calling? What is telemarketing?

Cold calling (Telephone sales and marketing) nice Selling over the phone) is an activity in the sales process, when sellers Proactively approach potential customers by marketing or telemarketing to people who have not yet expressed an interest in the product or service. Skill cold calling refers to attracting potential customers through various channels such as by phone or in person without any prior contact with sales agent.

Over the years, cold calling has developed in ways that are appropriate for the times, instead of simply reading sales pitches telemarketing and sales become a communication and consulting tool for customers according to the target orientations set out by the company.

In other words, sales agent Target the right potential customers to increase their success rate. However, giving a sales presentation to someone who has never heard of your product or service is always a big challenge.

People often wonder that cold calling Is it illegal? The answer is absolutely no!

However, in different countries there are rules and regulations to limit how, when and by whom. sales agent Realizable cold calling. So we need to know where we are to use cold calling an effective way.

First, we'll go over 9 super effective B2B sales tips and techniques. After that, we will address some myths about telemarketing and sales persists until now for some reason.

9 cold calling tips for salespeople and how to do it (part 1) 

9 effective cold calling tips and techniques:

  • OLDaccept rejection, don't hide.
  • Focus on instant learning, NOT instant sales.
  • Use technology to eliminate boring tasks.
  • Don't waste anyone's time, including your own.
  • Follow your script like a real actor, NOT like a robot.
  • Find a suitable calling schedule.
  • Ask the right questions, at the right time, and set the right next steps.
  • Learn how to leave effective voicemails.
  • Balance between quality and quantity.

Given the negative views about cold calling and its accompanying difficulties, many people do not consider including cold calling in the sales process. But that's exactly why cold calling can be very effective for you.

If you master the art and science of cold calling, you can become the highest paid sales representative at your company. Like all other forms of lead generation, it's very easy to find people who do bad cold calling. So if you are really good, you will stand out completely from your competitors, which will make it easier for you to achieve success.

This is the platform you need to use telemarketing and sales to reach more businesses, help more customers and help you earn more.

Tip #1. Accept rejection (Don't run away).

Refuse is an essential part of all sales activities, it occurs from prospecting through close engagement, customers who have already contacted the business or those who have not expressed interest. focus on products and services. No customer feels a product or service meets their 100% expectations. So of course rejection is part of the job sales agent will encounter when facing customers.

Don't run away from customer rejection

How to overcome your fear of rejection:

Lesson learned #1: Create a chat channel with co-workers with “funniest rejections” where your team members can compete with each other for the prize of worst customer rejection.

Lesson learned #2: If the customer says no but has a good attitude, ask why the customer said no.

Try something like the following:

“The hardest thing about my job is not knowing if I can be of any help to the client. With the experience that I have, would you mind telling me why you think I cannot help you?"

Don't be too focused on selling here, try to be marketable.

Lesson learned #3: Practice a call with your coworker and ask them to turn you down anyway, in the rudest way possible. So that every time you get rejected, remind yourself that at least it's not as bad as the previous rejection you and your co-workers have practiced.

If you continue to be rejected by customers and you can't turn negative feelings into positive ones, read or review compliments from customers who enjoy working with your company for extra motivation and encouragement. Confident in the job. And always remind yourself that you are helping the customer.

Tip #2. Put your perspective on learning and marketing first, instead of prioritizing sales.

You know it's impossible to master cold calling overnight, so aim to learn something, good or bad, in every conversation with a prospect.

Here are simple and quick guidelines to becoming a good cold calling person:

Lesson learned #1: Start with a script (the script talks) and don't deviate.

Lesson learned #2: Find out where you often get stuck in that script (where you have to stop on the 50% conversation).

Lesson learned #3: Rewrite that part of your script until you no longer get rejected.

Lesson learned #4: Repeat this process until you can go through your entire script on the 50% conversation.

Lesson learned #5: Analyze your sales calls. Specifically, listen to the answers your potential customers give to your open-ended questions. The better your question is, the more customers share.

Lesson learned #6: Jot down what you've learned in a journal (either by hand or by taking notes on your computer or phone) so you don't forget what needs to be learned from early failures.

Lesson learned #7: Share your knowledge with managers and others sales agent others are in trouble.

Setting your expectations correctly and constantly learning along the way will help you rise above your expectations sales agent average years of experience.

Tip #3. Use technology to eliminate boring work.

Have lots of tools intended for sales agent Modern technology helps you no longer need to go through boring and ineffective sales activities.

Here are some suggested tools for you:

Gcalls – PBX software helps sales agent reduce boring operations in activities telemarketing and sales like manual dialing, waiting, talking to gatekeeper (gatekeeper), scheduling follow up, doing manual report every day. Sales agent Get connected with potential customers as soon as they answer and take necessary notes or input during the call.

If you are using Salesforce CRM Then this is a great option. The software is easily integrated with other enterprise solutions, helping to improve your productivity sales agent.

If you're using another CRM software, don't worry, there are many types of software designed for multiple products.

Notice the two most common reasons for lazy salespeople: “Other people choose tools” and “I don’t have the budget for sales tools.”

Tip #4. Don't waste anyone's time, including your own.

You have to build a list of the best target customers to contact. This saves you from wasting time on each call figuring out if you can help customers who already picked up.

You'll get a lot less rejection if you're smart enough in choosing who you contact. Make sure you only add to your list of potential customers the companies and contacts you believe you can help them with.

Don't waste anyone's time

Company characteristics to look for:

  • Career.
  • Size (revenue, number of employees, position rating)
  • Geography.
  • Related technologies.

Contact characteristics to look for:

  • Role/title.
  • Tools they use to do the job.
  • Who do they report to?
  • Who reports to them.

If you call a customer who doesn't fit your ideal criteria, you are taking their time. If you call a customer who could benefit from your offer, you are helping to improve the customer's life and business. Don't spend your precious time trying to reach people who don't need what you're selling.

And the next important content of the article will help you get more useful information for the process cold calling your own, all will be in part 2 of this article.

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