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9 Cold Calling Tips for Salespeople (Last Part)

In the previous article, we learned about issues related to cold calling and the first 4 tips to do it telemarketing and sales effective for sales agent. In this article, Gcalls will introduce the last 5 useful tips below. Discover now!

9 cold calling tips for salespeople and how to do it (final)

Tip #5. Follow your cold calling script like a real actor, NOT like a robot.

Cold calling (or telemarketing and sales or selling over the phone) is a performance and you need to be able to act like a real actor.

Actors use scripts for most of their work. However, not all TV shows and movies play out like a bunch of robots talking to each other. The script must be filled with real human emotions! So you have to use the script and talk like a real person, not just read your lines.

It is not difficult to achieve success using a script cold calling if you're willing to put it in your work.

How to use cold calling script (Example):

Step 1: First, keep your intro and value proposition in mind for the customer. If you know how to explain who you are and why your customers should care, you'll be better able to adapt to conversations that don't go your way.

“Hello, I am… from Company…. I wanted to see if my way of helping sellers analyze insights from historical data could benefit your company. Can I ask you for 2 minutes?"

Step 2: Then write it down questions open to make your conversation go more smoothly. When you ask these open-ended questions, you must be prepared to listen and respond appropriately, not just waiting for your turn to respond.

“Once your sales team closes a deal, how do they leverage that success to find new customers and close the next deal?”

Step 3: The next step is to give clear answers to common objections. When you first learn how to do it cold callingYou won't be good at these things right away, so write them down thoroughly to learn.

Example of refusal:

“Currently you are focusing on branding. What you mentioned sounds interesting too. But right now I don't need it, thank you."

Example of answer:

“Data analytics can really help your company a lot. Imagine having an analysis of all the sales pitches based on the amount of revenue generated. Your entire sales team can optimize calls and email messages to fill the sales funnel 2 – 5 times faster.”

Step 4: Finally, practice hard.

Ask someone else to pose as a customer. If you and the person are in the same room, close your eyes so you can only hear them but not see them.

Ask your facilitators to slowly increase their disapproval for your script, this one trick alone will work wonders for you.

You should start with a scenario with no objections, then move on to a small objection to which you have a scripted response. Finally, you should practice handling objections like “You don't have to!” and finally, the objections that end the call such as "You can just email me the information!".

Tip #6. Find a suitable calling schedule.

You are missing out if you do telemarketing and sales to potential clients without a specific schedule from 9am to 5pm every day.

By tracking when leads are most likely to answer the phone, and when they are more likely to speak to you, you can better focus your efforts during that time, and create more positive effects for your work.

Find a suitable calling schedule

Lesson learned #1: View profiles of potential customers who made a purchase. On what days are they most likely to answer the phone? Take your time on those days to focus on these high-quality leads.

You can also look at the times of day that potential customers are most likely to respond.

Suggestions: Statistically, Wednesday and Thursday are the best days for first call chat. But keep in mind that other people already know this, so you need to find what works best for you.

Lesson learned #2: Structure your time into “offensive” and “defensive”.

Most potential clients are in the office from about 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., taking a break for lunch somewhere between 11:45 a.m. and 1:15 p.m. People are more likely to answer the phone when they are not focused on their work. This is the right time for you to "attack" the customer. Calling around lunchtime or at the end of the day can improve customer connection rates.

Find the times of day when you're most likely to strike up a conversation with customers, and focus your efforts on connecting with the highest-quality leads during those times. Use the other time to plan, prepare, program new sequences, and edit your script. This is referred to as your “defensive” time.

Tip #7. Ask the right questions, at the right time, and establish the right next steps.

According to you, the purpose of What is telemarketing?? Purpose of the implementation cold calling not a successful close, not at all, but you need to mention. Set up clear next steps so that both you and the prospect agree on the next steps.

Potential customers won't want to hear about sales process your. You will be more successful if you help customers in their buying process.

Getting your prospect's consent on next steps, and even letting them adjust and give early feedback, can make a big difference in the outcome. sales process your. noticed that these sales agent with the highest successful transaction speed spent more 53% time to discuss next steps with the customer.

Tip #8. Learn how to leave effective voicemails.

On average, there are 90% of cold calling is directed to the customer's voicemail.

No matter how much better you are than others, it's too hard to get potential customers to actually pick up the phone, isn't it? So you need to master the art of leaving an effective voicemail.

First, decide what strategy you will use to get your prospect's interest in voicemail. Remember, the goal isn't to sell in your message, the goal is to pique the customer's curiosity enough for them to call you back.

How to leave a voicemail that grabs the attention of potential customers.

Step 1: Decide what you want potential customers to know after they hear your message. Have you been referred by someone they know? Can you help them solve a problem they are facing? Or maybe you just want to let them know who you are.

By choosing only one message to send, you can avoid long and rambling voicemails. It's also useful when you need to leave a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th message, as you'll never run out of relevant information to tell customers.

Step 2: Next, write down your script. You should have several script templates ready, each of which conveys a different specific message.

How to leave a voicemail that captures the attention of potential customers

For example, maybe you want scripts to leave the following impressions:

  • “I was introduced… by an acquaintance of yours.”
  • “I understand the challenges you face and I believe I can help you.”
  • “I have solved the problems you are having for other clients and I believe I can do it for you.”
  • "I have urgent business to tell you."

Step 3: Leave your message. So you have done your plan. This is where enforcement comes into play. Here are some important things to keep in mind:

  • DO keep voice messages under 20 seconds.
  • DO use an upbeat, friendly, and energetic tone of voice.
  • DO insert a few urgent words.
  • DO use the client's name and your own.
  • DO NOT attempt to sell in voicemail.
  • DO NOT sound begging when you tell them about a deal, special offer, or discount.
  • DO NOT leave a voicemail just once.

Step 4: Now leave good voicemails regularly, make sure you keep track of which scripts work best, don't forget to do some more testing and keep improving them!

Tip #9. Balance quality and quantity.

Cold calling It will work if you follow the best practices below:

  • DO make rejection a positive color instead of fear.
  • DO practice, practice and practice.
  • DO prepare good questions and answers.
  • DO NOT waste even a single conversation with a prospect you can't help them with.
  • DO NOT do it before you are ready (Remember to stick to the script!).
  • DO NOT spend time on tasks that can be eliminated or automated by technology.

You are now prepared with the right mindset, tools, and techniques to balance quality and quantity in execution. telemarketing and sales and conquer your success.

Cold calling NOT a waste of time! Stop listening to so-called "experts" speak.

It's time we stopped listening to the so-called "experts" say cold calling wasting time. These are probably the same people who often get it wrong by not following the tips listed in this article.

We have cleared up the rumors about telemarketing and sales supported by the above opponents.

6 rumors about cold calling telemarketing and sales:

  • Cold calling dead.
  • Cold calling is an outdated practice.
  • Cold calling is a forced activity.
  • Cold calling interrupt the call recipient's work.
  • Cold calling make the sales agent become too mechanical.
  • Cold calling is a "game of quantity" and quality doesn't matter.

1) “Experts” and the so-called “Gurus” have declared that cold calling is dead.

With negative pressures placed on cold calling, it's hard to keep everyone's loyalty to it. Leaders of emerging industries have called for an end telemarketing and sales for years for everyone from social sellers to interactive marketers.

And for what is noted, cold calling NOT DIE.

2) It's easier to confirm that cold calling doesn't work than it is to figure out how to do it well.

If you have done cold calling once or twice and without immediate success, it's very easy to join a group of haters cold calling. Like any other sales skill, telemarketing and sales It also takes a lot of sustained effort to master and succeed.

3) Many salespeople are being forced to do cold calling, and the boredom it brings is driving them crazy.

There are a lot of ways you don't like an activity where you're the stranger who has to call to make a sale. As simple as the manager asking you to make “50 calls a day” is enough to make you sleepless.

4) We are trying to fix the “buying journey”.

We like the idea that we need to stick to how customers want to buy and then set up sales process Fit. But we are applying this idea to all phases of sales process the same, so if changes will disrupt the process and affect the parties involved.

5) No one wants to be a robot.

Scripts are a salesperson's friend to help them execute cold calling effective, but most people haven't learned to use scripts naturally. This forced sales agent Having to talk like a robot, unprepared and not knowing what to say, will lead to unpredictable consequences in your sales process.

6) Fast food teaches us that quality and quantity are enemies.

For decades, no one walked into a McDonald's expecting a high-quality meal, they expected a lot of food for a low price (I bet this is why they launched a wide range of dishes). novelty on the menu). This is how people tend to see telemarketing and sales as a solution that is inefficient and takes a lot of calls to complete the sale.

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