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Telesales Tips: Should or Shouldn't Use a Sales Call Script?

Call script (or telesale call script) is a ready-made dialogue template for some typical situations that is clearly composed and presented by the business sales agent must speak in the process of contacting and consulting customers. One Impressive telesale script will help sales agent be prepared for the most common situations when telemarketing with potential customers. And when they are more confident and professional, the success rate of closing the sale will increase. 

Currently, there is a fierce debate among experts as to whether to use templates call script available when telemarketing or not. Refer to the following arguments for and against one sales scenario to find out how to effectively telesale best for your business.

There are 5 grounds to object to the use of sample telesale script to offer over the phone. 

  • Reading scripts mechanically stifles the creativity of employees
  • Salespeople simply read, not sell
  • Experienced, high-performance people don't like scenarios
  • Developing a sales script is a tedious job
  • Sales scripts need to be updated regularly

Meanwhile, advocates cite 6 benefits of call script as follows.

  • Enhancing the salesperson's dialogue
  • Improve sales IQ for the entire staff 
  • Improvements spread faster throughout the sales team
  • Dramatically reduces the risks for low performance days
  • Develop a transformative sales process
  • Sales scripts release stress for sales staff, helping them focus on listening to customers better

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Should or should not use sales script?

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Opposing the call script – what are their arguments? 

Reading scripts mechanically stifles the creativity of employees

There is nothing worse than reading a verbatim phone sales script. Opponents argue that sales marketing is an art, not a mass production line that produces identical products. Therefore, using one script for all calls kills the creativity of the callers sales agent and turn them into robots that just read the script until the end. As a result, despite a lot of calls being made, the probability of success is the same as winning the jackpot and not building any good customer relationships. 

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Reading scripts mechanically stifles the creativity of salespeople

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Salespeople simply read, not sell

As we all know, the job of a telesales staff is to call potential customers, chat to exploit their needs as well as listen to their problems, thereby consulting and selling products. and company services. But sometimes, with a telesale script sample script, their only goal is to finish reading the script without determining what the customer's needs are. 

Experienced, high-performance people don't like scenarios

You can't hire top sales talent if you expect them to follow sample telesale script. Successful, experienced salespeople want autonomy. They trust their own ability to handle leads rather than a pre-written script.

Developing a sales script is a tedious job

Write a call script is the type of work that most sales agent want to avoid. It's a boring loop that includes a lot of work like ideation, editing, applying and editing again. This is somewhat contrary to the personality of salespeople, who are quick-witted, like to communicate with many people. 

Sales scripts need to be updated regularly

One effective telesale script It's not like a good novel that you write once and you're done. Sales scenarios need to be managed, maintained and updated continuously. You will need to continually review and improve it as your product changes, your market changes, and you find opportunities to optimize.

What are the arguments of advocates of using call scripting? 

Many people think that those who object to the call script are because they do not really know how to use it effectively. The reason may be that they have only seen the negative side of this tool. Meanwhile, call script If used properly there are many benefits. 

Enhancing the salesperson's dialogue

Job build telesale script requires the telesales staff to think carefully about the specific situation, then write down the most appropriate word for each word. And when they practice, they have the opportunity to edit whether the layout of the script is reasonable, the dialogue is clear, so that it can be applied in reality in the most fluent and effective way. 

Improve sales IQ for the entire staff

You can improve the sales scenario on a continuous basis based on the opinion of the whole sales team by letting all employees come together to share their success stories, best practices, and latest innovative ideas. You should know that your employees are having great sales ideas. However they did not have the opportunity to share that. Therefore, bringing people together and brainstorming together will facilitate the team leader and everyone to share that huge store of knowledge and experience. 

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Share ideas to build the perfect sales scenario

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Improvements propagate faster throughout your team

Usually, the whole sales team will use the same call script capital has been carefully built to communicate with customers. However, when applicable, one of the sales agent may suddenly come up with new ideas, they try them out and find this approach works better. They started sharing new methods with the whole team so that everyone could improve together. This approach not only encourages creativity in sales team to create more efficient call scenarios but also to allow them to share their The best way to telesale without having to rely on the leader or any outstanding individual. 

Significantly reduces risk for low performance days

It is a fact that the productivity of sales agent may be unstable or sometimes fluctuate wildly between days depending on their status that day. There are days when they work with 200% force but there are also days when it is reduced to only 50%. Therefore, call script seen as a safe solution to those bad days. 

Develop a transformative sales process

You will train, manage and scale sales team your own better. Like football, teams with only one or two stars often find it difficult to lift the championship compared to the strongest teams but without any stars. The same goes for building a sales team, the employees must have similar knowledge and skills. And sales scenario It is a tool to attract new people faster, train and evaluate them better. 

Sales scripts release stress for sales staff, helping them focus on listening to customers better

If everyone has a Impressive telesale script, they are actually better listeners, not worse. One call script helps free their minds to really pay attention to what the prospect is saying without worrying about how they should react, respond, and what the next question is to keep the conversation going. phone. 

Think of a basketball team: the players practice pretty much every day. They practice movements such as dribbling, running, passing or throwing. During competition, those moves become skills, natural reflexes that they don't need to think about. This helps them play the ball more freely and creatively. 

The same is true for sales: you want your agents to have sales dialogues so ingrained that they always have at least one option to respond effectively to potential customers.

How to use sales scripts effectively

All employees must build together call script right from the very beginning.

Train salespeople so that they really memorize all the lines. Let them role-play, practice, and study those scenarios until you can wake them up at 3 a.m. and tell them:

"Well, your product is great, but it's too expensive for us."

And they will answer without blinking: “So what company do you want to buy at?” 

Once employees have the script inside and out, you can give them the freedom to experiment with their own approaches, trusting that human capabilities are completely beyond scripting. available. Because, you don't want to manage sales robots, you want to work with people with their own personality, ideas and creativity. However, the script is still important because it is the mental tool they need to confidently face any situation from the start.

Once or twice a month, hold a team meeting where all salespeople come together to brainstorm ideas to improve the script. Discuss what works and doesn't work in practice, ask questions, learn from experience, and then tweak the scenario to create a more perfect version. This continuous improvement will lead to the steady growth of your sales team. 

Discover the power of sales scripts

Although the use of call script There are still many grounds for objection, but the great benefits that composing and memorizing dialogue can't be denied. 

Just be careful not to use telesale call script mechanically. Also, although we need to ask for the sales agent Study the script, but give them the freedom to be creative and experiment with their own approaches. 

Encourage the input of ideas to improve the script and share new effective telesales insights throughout your sales team.

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