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Effective sales funnel evaluation metrics

Businesses typically compile metrics related to sales calls at least twice a week in an effort to improve their sales performance. If you only close on average 1 out of every 100 leads you have contacted, how can you improve this?

This is a difficult question to answer. You can't know how to optimize or pinpoint where the problem is based on statistics alone. You need to understand the whole thing sales funnel mine. The effective sales funnel evaluation index in this article will help you have more basis for optimization sales funnel mine.

Effective sales funnel evaluation metrics

Review the entire sales funnel

The following suggested questions will help you have an overview and general assessment sales funnel mine:

  • How many potential customers do you have?
  • How many calls did you make?
  • How many decision-making customers have you reached?
  • How many qualified customers out of the total number of customers you contacted?
  • How many deals out of total qualified customers did you close?

When you have statistics and measurement of these numbers, you will have more information and basis to improve, as well as optimize the conversion rate in the future. sales funnel mine. First, you'll want to tailor the part that makes the biggest difference to your bottom line sales funnel. You'll need to start at the top of the funnel, looking at the quality of your leads and your average reach.

Review the entire sales funnel

Effective sales funnel evaluation metrics

After reviewing all relevant data in sales funnel your own, what you need to do next is identify the problems that sales funnel yours is experiencing. The following indicators will help you sales funnel review mine.

Customer reach rate

One of the reasons for poor telesales is that people often ignore the customer reach rate. This is the first base to help you evaluate Effective sales funnel how. A useful advice that you can try is that you should create attractive and convincing calls to action for customers to sign up and leave information, after getting the information. From customers, within 5 minutes, call these potential customers to increase the customer reach rate.

There is no fastest way to improve this stat. If you talk to telesales people, you will find that about 90% of their efforts are wasted just trying to reach decision makers. In fact, even small improvements in reach will result in significantly better results for your overall conversions.

Customer access rate needs to reach from 15%

This metric refers to the number of decision makers you reach (not counting the first caller):

  • Rates of 10% or less: You have a lot of problems to fix.
  • Rate from 15%: You are doing well, this is the standard rate.
  • Rate from 30%: You are doing great!

Percentage of qualified customers

The next indicator needs to be used to effective sales funnel evaluation is the percentage of customers who qualify for a purchase. If you have a small number of qualified customers, it means that your list of potential customers is not complete or you did not define your prospect well from the beginning.

You need to be clearer about your target market, which means setting more criteria for what a potential customer needs to have, drawing a target customer portrait will help. You have the right sales strategy.

Internal link article Ideal customer profile (Huyen)

Ratio of qualified customers to reach from 50%

This number may seem high, but if you have a good lead file, you should be able to reach half of the qualified customers you reach. If the percentage of qualified customers is less than 50%, you need a more qualified list of leads.

Note: It is necessary to clarify who the qualified prospect is Give decision where you have a chance to chat and ask questions to confirm that customers really should buy your products because they are a great fit for them. If you approach a decision-making customer and they hang up right away, it won't be able to determine for sure if the customer is eligible, but it will reduce your reach.

Ratio of qualified customers to reach from 50%

Closing rate of sale

This is effective sales funnel evaluation index Very popular, businesses often rely on this indicator to evaluate the results of the entire sales process.

Reasons for the decrease in closing rate

If your reach to qualified customers is good, but you're still not closing enough deals, here are some reasons you can consider:

  1. You have not created the ultimate product.
  2. You choose the wrong market.
  3. Telesales is not a viable way to sell your products or services.
  4. Your offer is not good.

Look at how you are selling and assess whether your pitch is attractive and persuasive. Ask sales professionals to evaluate your sales approach. If your pitch is good, you may have a problem with your product, market, or telesales method that doesn't really fit your business model.

Sales closing rate needs to be from 50% billion

If you reach a closing rate of 50% or more in the total number of qualified customers, you have a Effective sales funnel. If the ratio is below 50%, you need to correct some issues in your sales process.

Closing the sale is the last but most important step in the process sales funnel. If you don't close at least half of your qualified leads, all the work in your entire sales process will go to waste. At this stage, you need to avoid the closing mistakes that many salespeople often make, such as not being enthusiastic when closing the sale or not create a sense of urgency in customer purchases.

Discover and refine your sales funnel

In general, to achieve the best sales performance, you should start with the right strategies at the beginning sales funnel, as the metrics achieved at the beginning will influence the next parts of your sales process. Here are the effective sales funnel evaluation index that you need to pay attention to. Think of these metrics as a simple way to help you determine the right time to move on to the next steps in your career. sales funnel. Note that the percentages of these metrics may vary depending on your business.

In the end, what you need to do is understand sales funnel accurately identify the problems that are happening and seize the opportunities to grow your business.

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