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How to win the trust of secretive customers

The lead generation process typically goes through three steps:

  1. Potential customers share their needs with you.
  2. You offer a solution for them to consider.
  3. Both sides decide whether to come to an agreement or not.

But what happens when your customer doesn't participate in step one? You cannot offer your solution if they refuse to share information about their needs. How can you find the right product for your customers when you know nothing about them?



How to win the trust of secretive customers

Why do customers choose not to share?

Quiet customers don't mean to make things difficult for you, they actually want to choose the safe way. Their silence is a self-defense mechanism, not a trick while making a purchase.

They may have been victims of scammers. Customers are afraid that you will take advantage of their trust to profit from it. Before you can sell your product to them, you need to show goodwill.

Tips to help you win the trust of customers 

When you're dealing with tight-lipped customers, look at the problem head-on. Communicate your good intentions like this: 

“I'm sure you've had a bad shopping experience before. You have the right to think that my company will take advantage of your trust, but in fact, we have no such intention. My company always wants to create long-term partnerships and focus on building the best values with customers. That requires openness and honesty on both sides. I want to find out your needs so that the two parties can decide together whether my software makes you satisfied or not. If I'm not sure it's the right product for your company, I won't advise you. I won't even try to sell it to you like the sales agent other than you have met. My company's products are always aimed at bringing success to customers. As long as you have your cooperation, my company promises to find you the most suitable product for your needs, whether it is a product of my company or another distributor. Can we make a deal like that? "

Convey the message in the most friendly way possible and without any other negative emotions. In most cases, your customers won't know what they're struggling with until you point them out. Most likely, you will get trust of customers when they realize that you mean well in supporting them and winning a special place in their hearts.

But unfortunately not every case is like that.

What should you do if your customer still refuses to answer?

Sometimes you will feel frustrated in communicating with customers. Some customers will tell you, “This is how we work with partners. If I don't like it, I will find another company. "

Every business needs to make a decision whether they are willing to deal with such negative thinking customers. When sales consultant of the Gcalls When faced with this situation, they often respond: “I respect your decision, but I don't think we're a good match. I cannot advise without knowing your true wishes and needs. Is there any other way I can help you? "

Customers will have 1 of 2 following answers:

  • “Sorry for your attitude earlier. You're right, what more information do you need?" You have shown the customer's absurdity in the deal by indirectly refusing to continue dealing with them. You've also demonstrated a commitment to the quality and value your product can deliver — you're willing to lose a trade for it. trust of customers. Now all that remains is to fulfill your promise to the customer.
  • “No need to discuss further, I will find another supplier” A difficult prospect like this is not worth focusing your resources on. Customers like these will become even more demanding when they become your business partners. You would rather not deal with them from the start to avoid trouble and inconvenience later. Always be ready to close the deal with guests who do not intend to cooperate.

Trust always comes first!

Just because a customer has a different buying style doesn't mean you have to sell that way too. Sales must go with honesty and mutual trust. If the client and you don't come to an agreement, give that opportunity to other, more promising leads.

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