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How to reduce pressure when doing telesales

If you're a telesales person, this situation may be familiar to you: You have a difficult customer and you have some unbridled behavior over the phone, which you have to endure during the call. . You hang up the phone and immediately say, "Why am I so unlucky today!".

Another colleague of yours turns around and says, “What an unlucky day!”. This telesales employee is in the same situation as you. Meet pressure when doing telesales is inevitable. However, when you are in the process of learning and developing your telesales skills, you must put aside the negatives and focus on moving forward with your goals.

After going through a phone call that makes you angry and upset, what you really want to do next is find someone to talk to. The way you usually do it would be to turn to your co-workers and tell them all the stories you've just encountered, to let them know what you've been through and how you're feeling right now. In many real-life situations, your co-worker also responds: “I had a call like this last week, it was so annoying!”.

And then, another salesperson joins this conversation, and you'll soon turn a bunch of salespeople who join your story into a bunch of complainers. Finally, the whole office is filled with negative energy.

What do you think you're actually doing this for? Is it just because you feel hurt when you have an unexpected sales call? If you think like that, congratulations, you have spread that negative energy to all members of your team.

How to reduce pressure when doing telesales

Things to do after a call with a difficult customer

First, get away from your desk and find ways to clear your mind, for example:

  • 5 minute break.
  • Go have coffee.
  • Take a walk around the office.
  • Go outside and get some fresh air.   

Stay away from the negative things that have just happened so that you have a new perspective with a more positive direction. When you get back to your desk, try doing something fun to get inspired. For example, take a few minutes to listen to your favorite song, read some motivational quotes, or do something you find enjoyable to lift your spirits and get you right back into a positive emotional state. instantly.

Then get back to your telesales job, pick up the phone and call another prospect, ready to close the next deal. What you need to do is focus on the task at hand, letting go of old negative emotions.

Don't hide your negative feelings

Don't keep all your negative emotions and feelings in your heart pressure when doing telesales. You should have an outlet for the stress that a bad sales call causes. There is a time and place where you can vent your negative emotions.

However, do it the right way and at the right time. If you do it well, it works and vice versa. It's best to choose a time and place that really suits, instead of showing off impulsively. There are some ideal times when you can express your feelings and get helpful sharing from people, for example:

  • At lunchtime. 
  • In group meetings.
  • At one-on-one meetings with the colleague you are closest to, who can understand, share and give you useful advice.

In these ways, you have just helped yourself reduce pressure when doing telesales, both avoid carrying your negativity on to the next sales call or bring it to other colleagues, or even worse, these negative emotions will adversely affect your personal life. friend.

How to reduce pressure when doing telesales

Ask yourself these questions to reduce pressure when doing telesales, these questions will direct your thoughts and feelings in a more positive direction:

  • How can I better deal with these customers?     
  • What better can I say in this situation?     
  • What other ways can I handle the situation?     
  • What do I need to prepare for these situations?
  • How can I deal with negative emotions?     
  • How can I better manage my emotions and control the situation?

The above are preliminary suggestions to help you face the problem and figure out how to improve in real-life situations on your next phone call. Focus your thoughts and answer your own questions, you will be able to overcome negative emotions and pressure when doing telesales effectively.

Advice from sales experts

Always keep in mind the sayings "customer is king" and "customer is your payer". Because customers are always the first priority, the number one factor that businesses need to pay attention to. However, in some cases where you encounter difficult customers, it is necessary to handle them skillfully, so that both you and the customer do not affect business operations. If customers were all easygoing, there would be no reason for companies to pay salespeople to do the hard work.

If you can turn a difficult customer into a pleasant one, if you can successfully convince the customer when they have already expressed rejection, you will become a professional salesperson.

Next time you encounter a difficult customer, don't act out of control, it will harm you and your sales team. Instead, be wise and tactful, choose the right moments, as well as ask realistic questions to find a solution to the problem. That's how you turn a disadvantage into an opportunity reduce pressure when doing telesales and become a professional salesman in the future.

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