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How effective telemarketers handle 3 sales call rejections

Sales agent often encounter cases of rejection of sales calls with thousands of different reasons. In which, there are three most common refusals that any sales team which is doing? telesale (telemarketing) also need to know to have the best preparation in handling skills and call script for each specific situation. 

As a salesperson, what do you do after a customer's rejection? Give up and continue the journey to find other customers?

Not to do so! You shouldn't give up on potential customers easily, instead find a way to change their mind.

Your customer's objections will help you spot problems with your persuasion skills. These sales agent best view customer objections or objections as an opportunity to make adjustments call script to convince customers and improve skills to improve themselves more and more.

This article will analyze 3 common rejection situations and how to handle them to increase sales opportunities. 

Những cách từ chối tiếp thị qua điện thoại phổ biến nhất

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The most common telemarketing opt-outs

The first way to refuse: “I will give you information via email so that you can refer to it.”

Yêu cầu gửi thông tin qua email là một lời từ chối cuộc gọi chào hàng điển hình

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An email request for information is a typical rejection of a sales call

This is a typical rejection of someone who wants to quickly leave the call telemarketing politely. However, you also have a better way to customer retention in this situation is, “I certainly will, but since I need to know exactly what to include in my email, can you tell me more…”

Listen carefully to the answer to your first question and use that as a basis for asking follow-up questions. This lowers the prospect's vigil just enough to start a more friendly conversation. 

The second way to refuse: "I don't have time to talk right now."

Bận rộn là một lý do điển hình để từ chối các cuộc gọi chào hàng

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Being busy is a good reason to turn down sales calls

This is another common refusal given by someone who wants to hang up the phone immediately upon learning it is a sales call. If the prospect refuses to speak at this time, tactfully set another appointment with them. Tell them, “It's okay, I know you are very busy right now and don't have much time to listen to me introduce the product. I don't know when will you be free for about 3 minutes so I can call you back? 

This way, you don't appear to be frustrated and at the same time let them know you only need a few minutes to make an offer, without taking up too much of their time. And at this point, most of the time, they will want to continue the call with you because they realize it only takes them a few minutes to hear you speak. 

The third way to refuse: “You can't make a decision right now, let's talk next month.”

Khi người nghe điện thoại không có thẩm quyền ra quyết định

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When the person answering the phone has no decision-making authority

Another fairly common case is after people sales agent If you have spent time and tried all ways to convince the audience, you receive a rejection with the reason that they do not have enough decision-making power and need to meet with other competent people. In this case, the agent should take action so that the customer doesn't end the call without clearly understanding what to do. telemarketing from now to next month. 

Ask the customer to find out: 

  • Where will this meeting take place?
  • When?
  • Who will participate? What is their position?
  • Can you join that meeting, if even by phone?
  • What documents do they need to prepare for that meeting?
  • And many other questions. 

Then let them know the remaining steps of the process and the deadline for the deal to continue.

  • Is there a contract involved?
  • Get paid through?
  • How long does the approval process take?
  • And other problems

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