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Improve customer experience at Call Center with call review scoring form

When managers Call Center (Corporate Switchboard) use the assessment scoring form call To analyze live or recorded calls, they obtained amazing results. These forms are quickly becoming an invaluable tool for improving transparency and consistency in quality assurance at the Call Center.

In the case of software Call Center your call center performance allows you to monitor your entire call center performance in real time, these forms can be used to document your support staff in coaching sessions and motivate them to improve performance. Therefore, the assessment scoring form call has become an important tool used by many successful business call centers.

It also means that call scoring requires high accuracy because wrong data will lead managers to make wrong decisions. At the same time, the evaluation form must also be designed to closely follow the actual activities at Business Call Center to ensure that data accurately assesses support staff performance, avoiding missing key areas of activity and undermining the reliability and validity of metrics. Therefore, to enhance the activities of quality assurance, call monitoring, call scoring, and response to support staff customers, managers must first optimize the call evaluation scoring form their.

Here is a list of some categories you can include in your call scoring form. Note that this is by no means an exhaustive list, nor is it meant to be used as a whole to make a quality monitoring scorecard for your business.

Call evaluation scoring form delivers amazing results for improving customer experience at the Call Center

Call opening greetings

  • The support staff followed the customer greeting script
  • When receiving a forwarded call, the support agent adjusted their greeting accordingly
  • The support staff introduced themselves to the customer
  • Support staff mentioned their company name
  • Support staff informed the customer that the call is being recorded
  • The support staff asked for the name of the caller
  • Support staff thank customers for calling
  • Support staff provided assistance to callers

Account Verification

  • Support staff verified the customer's account by confirming personal information (e.g. first and last name, account number, credit card number, transaction number, social security number, amount) of previous invoices or purchases…)
  • Support staff accessed the correct customer account with the information provided
  • When the call was forwarded, the support agent handed over their full account verification questions before 

Confirm contact information

Confirming customer contact information is very important

  • Support staff asked callers to spell their name
  • Support staff asked callers to provide their company name
  • The support agent asked the caller for a phone number
  • The support agent asked the caller for an email address 

Ability to solve problems

In assessment scoring form call, The assessment of problem-solving ability is quite important. It should include questions related to:

  • Support staff apologized for the incident, inconvenience or cost associated with the incident
  • The support staff took care of the problem themselves
  • The support staff asked the right questions to correctly diagnose the problem
  • The support agent requested an error token from the caller
  • Support staff used appropriate resources to resolve the issue
  • The support staff came up with the most appropriate solution
  • Support staff informed the customer of the estimated amount of time to resolve their issue
  • Support staff informed the customer about relevant support documents to help resolve the issue
  • The support staff provided a reference number to the customer after resolving their issue
  • The support staff confirms that the issue has been resolved or the transaction is complete
  • The caller's problem has been fully resolved

Follow the support process

  • When the customer asked the support agent's location, the support agent gave them an exact answer
  • The support staff updated the customer's contact information in the CRM software, Business Call Center and other related business tools
  • Support staff recorded important information in the call notes
  • The support staff received permission before negotiating prices, discounts or refunds
  • The support staff has quoted the customer with the exact price of the product/service
  • Support staff recommended the most suitable product, service or pricing plan
  • Support staff took advantage of upselling and cross-selling opportunities
  • Support staff have notified their colleagues about a new bug, new problem, or a new product defect

Call handling skills

A professional customer support agent will be able to improvise in any situation

  • The support staff followed the exact procedures when the customer was on hold 
  • The support agent followed the correct procedure to transfer the call
  • The support staff followed the correct procedures to convey the necessary information back to the co-workers
  • Support staff followed the correct procedure to report the call to their manager

Quality customer service

Evaluation form call Issues such as:
  • The support agent mentioned the caller's name during the call
  • The support staff summarized the main points the customer said before fixing the problem or offering a solution
  • The support staff received permission from the caller to ask them to hold the phone
  • The support staff has appropriately limited the time the customer stays on the phone
  • The support agent interrupted the caller at the right time
  • Support staff answered customer questions correctly
  • Support staff forwarded calls to colleagues when needed
  • Support staff chatted with a colleague when needed
  • The support staff has satisfied all of the callers' requests
  • The support agent forwarded the call to the manager when the customer asked them to do so

Social magic 

  • The support staff pronounced the caller's name correctly
  • Support staff maintained proper tone, pitch, volume, and tempo throughout customer conversations
  • Support staff used polite words and phrases
  • Support staff have adapted their approach based on the unique needs, personality and problems of the customer to provide customer support. 
  • The support agent didn't stay silent for too long in the chat
  • Support staff did not interrupt or chat with customers
  • Support staff was confident throughout the chat
  • Support staff didn't use complicated jargon
  • Support staff were friendly, polite and professional
  • Support staff used active listening skills effectively

Follow the call script

  • The support agent complied with the call script
  • Support staff have adjusted their approach to customers (when necessary) so that they can interact with customers in the best way.
  • Support staff actively changed the call script when necessary

End call

The call closing process should raise questions about the customer's perception of customer service quality 

  • Support staff followed the rules when ending the call
  • The support agent complied with the call ending scenario
  • Support staff have booked appointments with customers when needed
  • The support agent reconfirmed with the customer if they had any further questions or issues that needed assistance before ending the call
  • Support staff asked callers to rate the quality of service they received during a call
  • Support staff asked callers if there was anything they could do to improve service 
  • Support staff thank customers for calling

The above are basic categories that can help you build a quality monitoring scorecard for Business Call Center your. Once you have carefully considered and selected the categories to develop in call evaluation scoring form your form, the reliability and validity of the form will also be enhanced. This will help you generate more accurate data to evaluate your performance support staff in Call Center, while helping to improve the overall effectiveness of your business' quality monitoring methods.

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