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Call Center: Difference between On-Premises and Cloud Call Center (Part 1)

There are a lot of terms about types Telecom office makes it difficult for you to distinguish and know which is the most suitable solution for your business. You need to understand PBX solutions for businesses that you have invested in to support your business. Lack of understanding of VoIP technology and software solutions virtual PBXSmart PBX software for business will cause you many difficulties when you are trying to build a system Call Center for your business.

We will clarify two of the types of software Call Center most popular: On-Premises Call Center (on-site call center) and Cloud Call Center (cloud-based call center). The aim is to help you pinpoint the solution that best suits your business needs.

In this article, we'll go over how each solution works and the differences between them, including:

  1. System investment costs
  2. System installation time
  3. Maintenance and maintenance costs
  4. Sales productivity
  5. Ability of extension
  6. Reliability and Downtime
  7. Security
  8. Flexibility
  9. Connectivity
  10. Integration capabilities
  11. Statistics
  12. Customer experience

PBX solutions for businesses: 12 differences between On-Premises and Cloud Call Center (Part 1)

Types of business switchboards Call Center

1. On-Premises Call Center

On-Premises Call Center is a kind of part Telecom office Traditionally used by businesses. It uses physical equipment, including desk phones and server systems. The desk phone is installed, connected and operated from the enterprise's own server. It is because the equipment is hosted at the headquarters of the business that it is called an on-site call center.

Number of businesses using On-Premises Call Center is decreasing. Because the setup is complicated and the related parts of the business are responsible for maintaining it. If something goes wrong, you'll need to make an appointment with your landline system provider to fix the problem and get the devices back up and running.

2. Cloud Call Center

Cloud Call Center opposed to On-Premises Call Center, you don't need to invest in servers at your business, as the servers are provided based on an online platform.

Much Cloud Call Center usually based on PBX router, hosted in the cloud. Inbound calls and outbound calls are made through a VoIP (voice over internet protocol) connection. That means the call center staff can handle incoming and outgoing calls through an internet connection instead of an analog phone system.

By using a virtual PBX solution from your provider, you can communicate with your customers using any device such as a mobile phone, laptop or desktop computer, ensuring that these devices are connected. internet like wifi or 4G is able to use services from the software virtual PBX.

Top 12 differences between On-Premises Call Center and Cloud Call Center

In the following we will analyze the key differences between On-Premises Call Center and Cloud Call Center. Once you've explored these differences, you'll be able to determine which solution is best for your business.

1. System investment costs

One of the most important factors to consider when building a system Call Center your initial system investment costs. On-site phone systems typically have higher setup costs. You need the supplier to come to the office and install the equipment. Costs include installation time and costs for equipment in the system.

However, one Cloud Call Center can save you up to 60% on that cost, because with the service virtual PBX PBX is hosted in the cloud. You do not need to hire a supplier to install any equipment, nor do you have to pay for the investment of a landline phone. You just need to contact the service provider Cloud Call Center and ask them to set up the system for you, just using the tech equipment you have.

The cost savings for a system Telecom office Cloud-based doesn't stop there, services Virtual PBX for business make it cheaper for your customers to call you, as well as calling customers less expensive than using a traditional phone solution. The cost of domestic calls will be reduced and the cost of calling abroad will no longer be so high, as it allows users to make and receive calls over an internet connection.

There is a big difference in system investment costs between On-Premises Call Center and Cloud Call Center

2. System installation time

A system Call Center on-site physical equipment is required. You will need to contact your carrier and ask them to install Telecom office for you. However that will certainly make you worry more than that, to install a system On-Premises Call Center will take a long time, including setting up an appointment for a supplier to come and install (it may take a few days or weeks), completing the system installation by the specified date will cost you an extra day again.

In contrast, software Cloud Call Center is online. You will not need an IT team to come to your business to install the system for you. Service Provider Cloud Call Center can set a virtual PBX to you online. All you need to do is download application software to your devices or activate the service right in your browser.

3. Maintenance and maintenance costs

System On-Premises Call Center need periodic maintenance and in situations where unexpected breakdowns may occur. You may accidentally cut the connection cable or the server overheat leading to overload. In addition, you will also need to upgrade your device a few times a year, and what you need to know is that traditional landline technology is slowly becoming obsolete.

Any of these issues will require you to call maintenance, which will cost you money for maintenance and troubleshooting, and your business will be disrupted. Each such repair will both cost you and lose the working rhythm of the workers call center staff. After the problem is fixed, the department staff Call Center It will take some time for the circuit to return to its original working condition.

System Cloud Call Center I don't have that problem because it doesn't use a desk phone. Instead, you can use the functions built into applications, software installed directly into your device.

If virtual PBX If your service stops working, it's as simple as calling your service provider and informing them of the problem. They can fix the problem quickly without going to your office.

4. Sales productivity

Did you know that sales productivity increases from 20-25% when a business has a team of employees who are always connected? Solution Cloud Call Center use artificial intelligence to do that. The goal is to help your business as well as your affiliates connect with each other to work more efficiently.

An example of a predictive dialer feature that can help you increase your sales productivity. It analyzes previous calling actions to predict phone numbers for call center staff make calls, this saves time for employees, they do not need to remember the full phone number to call, nor do they need to enter all the numbers for each call.

In contrast, the system On-Premises Call Center no auto dialer, call center staff will need to remember and enter each phone number to call. Besides, there is a distraction and loss of work rhythm during the installation and maintenance of the system.

Cloud Call Center helps businesses increase sales productivity

5. Scalability

As your business expands and grows, the number of customers calling your helpline will increase. You will inevitably have to hire additional outside agents to help you deal with those calls.

The problem is the system Call Center in place is not easy to scale. You will need to pay extra each time a new landline phone is installed and hire a vendor to come in and install the system. On top of that, it can take hours to properly add a new desk phone to your existing phone system workflow.

Cloud Call Center easier to scale, because it's flexible so you can scale your business easily. When you have call center staff new, you do not need to invest in additional equipment for the job. Customer care will be able to receive calls from your existing work computer once you set up call routing on their computer.

To grant the call center staff access to the system Cloud Call Center of your business, simply add users to your online management account. Usually, you don't even need to call your carrier to help you with that, just download the software to the devices your employees are using, give them access, and they're done. willing to participate in business activities.

Ability of extension

6. Reliability and Downtime

Your business cannot have downtime. When the system Business Call Center If yours is malfunctioning or completely unavailable, there's really nothing you can do. However, your customers are still calling you and you still have to pay the salaries call center staff mine.

Fortunately, software Cloud Call Center help reduce the risk of downtime, which seriously affects business operations. With software Call center for business Gcalls, part Call Center of the business is guaranteed to continue operating, very rarely call center staff Your phone cannot make calls from this platform.

On-site phone system On-Premises Call Center Uptime is not always guaranteed. Your server room might get too hot on hot sunny days, or your IT staff might have installed the wiring incorrectly. Your maintenance team can get sick when those problems occur. Each of those situations affects business continuity within the enterprise. And it's even worse when that downtime will last longer because you'll have to wait for someone to come and fix it.

We have introduced you the first 6 differences between On-Premises and Cloud Call Center. The next important information will help you decide to invest in PBX solution Which is best for your business. All will be in part 2 of this article. Find out now!

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