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Call Center: Difference between On-Premises and Cloud Call Center (End part)

In the previous section, we provided information about the first 6 differences between the two call center solutions: On-Premises Call Center (on-site call center) and Cloud Call Center (cloud-based call center). Right now, you will learn the last 6 differences of the two solutions Telecom office this. Once you've gone through all of the stories in the article, you'll be able to determine which is PBX solutions for businesses most suitable for you.

The first 6 differences between On-Premises Call Center and Cloud Call Center, consists of:

  1. System investment costs
  2. System installation time
  3. Maintenance and maintenance costs
  4. Sales productivity
  5. Ability of extension
  6. Reliability and Downtime

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The last 6 differences between the 2 call center solutions: On-Premises Call Center and Cloud Call Center

Here we will continue to point out the last 6 differences between the two solutions Telecom office On-Premises Call Center and Cloud Call Center. With all the information provided, you will know which business you should choose Enterprise PBX solution How to take care and connect with customers in the most effective way.

Business PBX solutions: 12 differences between On-Premises and Cloud Call Center (Backend)

7. Security

Hacking resistance is one of the top concerns of businesses, a hack can cause businesses to suffer a lot of damage. You should not let the system business switchboard Call Center His client became the victim of a data theft and had the hacker track all the customer's information.

Some businesses see the system On-Premises Call Center is a safe choice because the servers and connections are located in the office. A hacker would need to break through the security barriers in the enterprise to be able to get into the server room and gain access to that important information.

At the same time, some businesses also doubt the security of Cloud software Call Center. But you don't need to worry about hacking calls or stealing customer data if you are using solutions virtual PBX. Some service providers have military-grade encrypted data centers. Those systems are monitored 24/7, any potential threats are detected and resolved immediately.

8. Flexibility 

Day More and more businesses allow their employees to work remotely, some of which can work from home or work mobile (working on the go). System On-Premises Call Centerr is absolutely not suitable for those businesses, when employees must be in the office and handle calls from wired devices.

However, Cloud Call Center allow the call center staff your work anytime, anywhere. The Branches can be located anywhere and Staff business switchboard there still do the work of connecting with customers via their own devices. They only need a technology device such as a personal mobile phone, laptop, tablet or computer with an internet connection to make their calls.

This offers another advantage for businesses as you can hire remote support agents or agents. Call center staff You don't have to work in the same office and move to your office. That means you have access to the best people and use the best customer service agents worldwide for your business.

9. Connectivity thanks to Call Center software

Software Call Center Cloud-based help connect the call center staff Become a professional customer service and support team. The customer service department can coordinate easily when divided into groups to handle specific tasks, for example:

  • Payment Claims Processing Team
  • Account settings group for customers
  • Random requests help group

Software virtual PBX has an automated call distribution unit (ACD). This service will ask the customer what they need help with and direct the customer to the most appropriate support team available.

Automatic call forwarding helps call center staff easy cooperation. You don't have to move around the office to find the right person just like you do with an on-site phone system.

Plus, you don't need an extra line for the staff in the department Virtual PBX for businesses, and no need to track down the expertise of each remote team or agent. With software virtual PBX, you just need to select the person you want to forward the call to on the screen of the device you are using.


10. Integration capabilities

The integration of software together is very important to the business strategy of the enterprise. It makes sense, growing businesses are using more tools and software than ever before. Spending time doing everything manually using each application is a huge waste of time.

On-Premises Call Center doesn't solve that problem. The traditional landline system only helps you to answer and make calls. All your notes from each call must be taken by hand. You have to copy those notes to your computer and email them to your team whenever needed.

In contrast, software Cloud Call Center really shine. All your call information will be stored on the device you use. This data can be integrated with other tools, such as CRM software.

Assuming you are talking on the phone with a customer, the integration Cloud Call Center with CRM will help you access call history and related information of customers when incoming calls match their details. It queries customer information for you, such as:

  • Detailed time of previous call
  • The previous issue requested by the guest
  • How many times has a customer called for a particular issue?

11. Statistics

As the article mentioned above, the solution Cloud Call Center productivity benefits for businesses. It's not just theory, you can actually test the performance of call center staff with real data.

Cloud Call Center will show you the important data of the campaign corporate telesales, such as:

  • Which group answered the most calls?
  • Which group has the highest customer satisfaction rate?
  • Which employee spends the most time on each call?

Not available data which in that number provided when using the system On-Premises Call Center. By choosing the right solution, you can accurately monitor your performance call center staff and reward its best employees.

In addition, the software virtual PBX Call monitoring feature. You can record conversations your customer service team is having with customers and listen to those recordings again whenever you need to.

At the same time, it is a useful tool for training purposes. You can teach new hires the best ways, as well as the do's, to deliver the best customer experience.

12. Customer experience at Call Center

System Call Center What's the point if your customers don't like the technology you're using? Goals for the system Virtual PBX for businesses is to solve customer problems as quickly as possible. You need to make it easy for your customers to contact your business and solve their problems in the shortest possible time. That helps you build a great relationship with your customers.

It's important to think about the communication channels your customers prefer and have the best experience using. This is the basis for you to decide to use the solution virtual PBX or on-site switchboard.

Processing speed is the leading indicator to assess whether your service is good or not. In other words, customers want their problems resolved quickly and are not willing to wait too long when making incoming calls to the business.

On-Premises Call Center there are no features to help solve customer problems quickly. You cannot forward calls easily and if call center staff busy or unavailable, customers are not immediately supported.

Cloud Call Center don't have that problem because it provides feedback interactive voice feedback (IVR). It's a combination of two essential features:

  • Autoresponders: Customers who call you will be greeted by an autoresponder. This automated agent will ask the customer what problem they need help with, without having to wait for a response from Staff Call center for business. It is like a Helpdesk tool with self-service, customers receive immediate reception when calling your line.
  • Call Forwarding: When a customer indicates they need help with an account, billing or any other issue, the software virtual PBX will direct customers to the right group call center staff undertake to handle this issue.

Remember that customers always accept payment pay more and long-term attachment to businesses with good customer service. In addition, if the service Call center for business your good, you can attract more customers for your business in the future.

Customer experience


As you can see, there are many differences between the two Enterprise PBX solution. But in fact, the benefits of Cloud Call Center far superior to On-Premises Call Center.

Service virtual PBX more reliable and scalable development. Additionally, it works well for businesses with remote workforces. This is important in these difficult times and is appropriate in the context of the current socio-economic disruption.

Let's start the system Call Center of businesses with PBX software Gcalls. We give you unlimited access to call recordings, AI-powered automated call distribution, unlimited call queues, integration of other convenient solutions right out of the box. on software. All will help you connect and interact easily with customers over the phone. Here's everything your business needs to increase sales by running a business Telecom office effective.

Gcalls is a software solution to digitize the phone system of enterprises, capable of integrating with many other software, helping businesses to centrally manage customer and call data, and easily evaluate KPIs of sales teams. products and customer service, thereby increasing revenue and improving services.

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