Diversified pricing plans, suitable for different business sizes and needs

Suitable for startups and young SMEs
Set up greetings, hold music, office hours
10,000 contacts
Call statistics
1-month recording storage
No setup fee
No minimum number of users

Solution for fastidious managers
1,000,000 contacts
6-month recording storage
Reports on Google Data Studio
Access to SDK, Webhook
No setup fee
No minimum number of users

Designed for modern large corporates
Unlimited contacts
Unlimited recording storage
Advanced quality management
Private virtual machine
Access to integration functions
Develop and customize features as requested
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(3)  Our service is not subject to VAT. Gcalls will provide financial invoices after receiving payment.


Pricing details
Call center service/agent/month
Number of agents * price * number of month/payment period
170,000 (~ $7.5) 220,000 (~ $8.6) 220,000 (~ $8.6) CONTACT
+ Software license/month (VND)
A payment period has 24, 12, 6 or 3 months
500,000 (~ $21.5) 600,000 (~ $26.0) 1,200,000 (~ $52.0) CONTACT
Phone number Customers purchase from telecommunication companies with Gcalls’ support.
Call charge/min Monthly payment to telcos according to their pricing policy
No minimum number of users
Maximum number of agents 10 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Contact limitation 10,000 500,000 1,000,000 Unlimited
Max. of business phone numbers included free of charge 01 01 01 Unlimited
Call recording and storage 1 month 3 months 6 months Unlimited
Set up your professional phone system
Connect with different types of phone number
1800, 1900, fixed numbers, mobile numbers
Multiple concurrent calls with one compnay phone number
With only one phone number, the team can make or receive multiple calls at the same time, improve performance and prevent “line busy” situation.
Office-hour conditions
Set up time to receive calls with different flows
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to improve caller navigation
Allow customers to find their way to the right person or team. Example: “Thank you for calling [COMPANY NAME].If you know your party’s extension number, you can enter it at any time. For Sales and Customer Service, press 1. For our employee directory, press 9.”
Allow callers to leave voicemail during out-of-working hours or when all the lines are busy
Automatically forward to back-up numbers
Stay available when there is no internet connection by forwarding inbound calls to your mobile number or backup landline number. Outbound call rates apply.
Dial an extension to connect directly with the right agent
Allows customers to connect directly with the right agent
Set up ring types (simultaneous, sequence or random)
Automatically use the same telco’s number to call out for cost saving
The system automatically determines the same telco number to make outgoing calls to optimize calling rates (for example, MobiFone – MobiFone, Viettel – Viettel, Thailand – Thailand etc.)
Automatic emails when there’s a missed call
Route calls to the latest agents
Connect with phone numbers from 70+ countries
Allowing agents to use phone numbers of foreign countries (Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, USA etc.) with Gcalls’ applications, helping businesses set up a call center in any country with a local number
Smart routing based on database
Call features for agents and managers
Gcalls Plus Webphone application
You can make and receive calls right on the app with your company’s phone number, no need to use a landline phone or personal mobile for work anymore.
With just one click, instantly connect with customers
Desktop notifications
When the call coming, the notification popups of the browser will be displayed whenever you are not on Gcalls’ webapp.
Free Agent-to-Agent calling
Agents can call each other with just one click and the call is completely free.
Hold, mute, forward mode
While a call is taking place, you can switch to hold, mute mode or forward the call to others.
Call monitoring
Listen-in on active calls to measure and improve agent performance.
Call whispering
Secretly speaking to agents while they are on an active call.
Conference calls
Start a collaborative conversation with multiple colleagues.
Customer data management
Automatic contact creation
A contact are automatically created when there is an incoming or outgoing call to an unsaved number. Agents just need to add a contact name and create notes if needed.
Create new contact fields
Admin can custom contact fields to enrich contact information and in alignment with business specifics
Categorize contacts by group
Assign contacts to groups for easy management.
Upload contact list from files into classified group
With just a few clicks, you can upload thousands of data to the application and into the correct category
Search contacts by contact field
Display interaction history when there’s a call
The call box displays information and automatically accesses contacts with interaction history when there is an incoming call, including notes, reminders, calls, and recordings.
Filter contacts by latest call status
Which contact without any call interaction before, which with the latest inbound call being missed, which with the latest outgoing call being not connected, etc.
Pin an activity to top of a contact
Allows agents to pin the most important information of the contact to top
Assign contacts to agents and teams
Admin can determine a certain contact or a group of contacts can only be viewed and manipulated by whom.
Export contacts
Option to hide phone numbers from agents
Allow admin to hide phone numbers from a member to protect enterprise data.
Notes for contacts
Allow to note important information right in the contact during the call or at any time you need.
Create task reminders
Create reminders so that you or your colleagues do not forget important tasks that needs to be done related to a contact.
Call data management
Automatically save call logs for inbound and outbound calls
Distinguish whether missed calls have been supported or not
Call recordings
Create a note for each call
Allow to note important information directly on a call log after ending the call. These notes will be displayed in the call detailed record page of the Admin.
Call tags to categorize calls by content and purpose
Allow agents to classify calls after each call to facilitate call statistics according to purpose and nature.
Agent management and reports
Agent status
Easily manage a remote team by observing agent status “Online”, “Offline” and “On call”.
Filter call history
Filter call history by contact, group of contact, agent, duration, call status.
Adjust feature permissions by role
Admin can limit or increase a member’s rights to view and manipulate data.
Export call history
Export call history to store and custom tables and charts for evaluation purposes.
Customize reports with Google Data Studio
Reports on calls by phone number, by hour of day, by weekday, comparison between employees based on pickup rates, average talk time etc.
Download recordings in bulk
Download multiple recordings to computer for storage (ZIP), each file is named Agent_ Phone number_Date_Hours
APIs and webhooks
Integrate with Marketing SMS, including:
Send brandname SMSes from Gcalls’ interface
– Create SMS templates
– Send each SMS or multiple SMSes to a contact group
– Personalize SMS with customers’ name
– Save SMS logs on contacts
Integration with CRM, Helpdesk, POS, including:
Improve performance with our integration with your tools: Click-to-Call, Click-to-SMS, synced call logs, contacts, display information for incoming calls (contact person, ticket history, order history…)
– Click-to-Call from CRM, Helpdesk, POS
– Notify and allow to answer calls on CRM, Helpdesk, POS
– Automatically display customer information
When there is a call, a popup automatically displays the name, latest deals, latest call, latest note etc.
– Save call logs on CRM, Helpdesk, POS
Auto Call campaigns
Create pre-recorded scripts (text-to-speech or upload audio files)
Run campaigns with recorded audios
Automatically dial and connect with staff as soon as customers answer
Pause and resume campaigns
Report on campaigns’ results
System stability and security
Private virtual machine
Suitable for enterprises with a large number of agents.
Private MPLS
Suitable for enterprises with a large number of agents and the type of business requires high transmission stability.
Hỗ trợ
Support to connect with telcos to subscribe to numbers and configure
Knowledge Base
Live chat
Call back
Dedicated Supporter
(*): Additional fee based on requirements


Connect addtional phone numbers to your call center 50,000 VND/number/month
Add extensions only used on IP Phones 90,000 VND/extension/month
Recording storage 120Gb, 06 months 1,800,000 VND
Recording storage 250Gb, 06 months 3,600,000 VND
Recording storage 500Gb, 06 months 7,200,000 VND
Private virtual machine Depending on the number of concurrent calls
Customize and develop as requested 2,000,000 VND/man day

Gcalls always wants to bring the best for your business.