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(Updated: 04/2019)


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“For me, the most successful customer service is when it makes customers “WOW”. If Gcalls understands Customer Service, it will most likely make a good Customer Service system.”
Mr. Tung Nguyen
CTO & Co-Founder


Viec.co is a platform providing short-term and seasonal labor services, helping to quickly connect thousands of reliable part-time or short-term workers with a business. When observing the labor market, the founding team found that a business in need of seasonal workers has many difficulties in recruiting the right and enough workers while the workers have idle time looking for a job. Reliable seasonal work is also not easy.


With this solution, Viec.co believes in a future where everyone can freely and flexibly earn extra income by choosing the most suitable job. On the other hand, the business will operate more efficiently, by maintaining the human resources at an optimal level, the rest will be caused by "social resources".


As a dynamic young startup with the idea of solving the big problem of labor supply and demand, Viec.co attracted thousands of freelancers, the total transaction value of GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) reached 800 million in just the first 3 months. first. Moreover, some giants in the e-commerce and logistics industries have also come to Viec.co's solutions such as Tiki, Fast Delivery, Ninja Van...


Information and work performance

Every day Job Must contact to confirm, interview and stay connected with hundreds of candidates. With such work characteristics, the Company needs a fast, streamlined and professional switchboard solution that can help the company deal with a large volume of daily work. As a modern technology company, right from the beginning, Tu Yes has decided to choose a PBX solution to listen to calls directly on the software instead of using a desk phone or personal mobile phone to easily monitor the work. work as well as save installation time. As such, the important criteria affecting the decision of Yes are:

- Quick deployment

- Good customer care 

- Highly integrated

The company has tried a number of solutions, but they are not really satisfied due to the complicated process and slow support service. Right from the moment of signing up for a consultation, the founders were impressed by Gcalls' customer care service, providing a good experience as well as loving the design and friendliness of the application. intend to accompany Gcalls in just 3 days of learning. The Call Center was officially put into use right after that. 

“Gcalls' solution makes it possible for our side to call candidates right on the customer management page of Yes with just one click. At any time, Gcalls always support very quickly and answer my questions wholeheartedly.”
Ms. Phuong Nhi
Operation Executive


Deploy quickly and improve work efficiency

From using Gcalls, employees can call candidates and businesses right on the Customer Management page of Yes with just one click, save more than 50% time contact compared to the traditional solution, thereby increasing overall performance. 

According to Phuong Nhi – Operation Executive, call data is recorded and displayed visually in the form of tables, so she can control and evaluate staff and work quality very simply and accurately. In addition, one of the issues that the management team is concerned with is the security of candidate information and Gcalls has partly solved this need with the feature. hide phone number.

As the number of telemarketers increases to meet business needs, Gcalls' software solutions also help easy to expand In addition, it only takes a few steps on the computer that the newly added staff can start making and receiving calls within minutes.

“The primary goal of Yes is to grow fast. Gcalls is with us and helps us go faster!”
Mr. Tung Nguyen
CTO & Co-Founder


Help team managers easily capture call data as well as evaluate staff and work quality more effectively.


With Gcalls Plus Extension, the operator can make or receive calls directly on the Customer Management page of Yes.

Hide phone number

The phone numbers in the data page are hidden to increase the security of candidate information without affecting the team's work efficiency.

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