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(Updated: 09/2020)


Rescue service for motorbikes - motorbikes 24/24

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“In the past 2 years, many other companies have introduced call center services, but I still choose Gcalls. Because Gcalls fully meets the demand for a 24/7 switchboard. And she highly appreciates Gcalls' ability to support customers. Almost 24/7, whenever the ZuttoRide team needs, Gcalls will be there.”
Ms. Truc Phuong
Customer Service Manager


ZuttoRide established in 1996 in Japan. Up to now, ZuttoRide has over 8 years of experience in providing motorcycle and motorcycle rescue services in Vietnam and over 20 years of experience in Japan. In addition, ZuttoRide is also available in Indonesia. ZuttoRide confidently asserts its ability to provide professional services according to Japanese standards.


ZuttoRide Vietnam wishes to maintain its position as the first and most professional company in Vietnam that can meet the rescue needs of motorcycle and motorbike users.


Up to now, ZuttoRide Vietnam has covered 63 provinces and cities across the country, with a team of over 300 rescuers and over 100 rescue trucks evenly distributed across the country. There are over 1,000,000 customers from all provinces across the country, which is the motivation for the staff to constantly improve to improve the quality of service for motorbike and motorbike users in Vietnam.


How to quickly connect customers and rescue teams 

Previously, ZuttoRide used hardware PBX. This solution has the limitation of having to set up the phone at a fixed location, each time replacing the office, it takes another time to disassemble the device. And when there is a problem such as power failure, line damage, the switchboard will completely stop working for a long time without a backup plan. With a company providing 24/7 motorbike rescue service nationwide, this is really a big obstacle affecting the quality of customer care and the company's business. Therefore, ZuttoRide urgently needs a PBX solution: 

– Compact, mobile, “anytime, anywhere” and stable to be able to make calls throughout with customers.

– Have a backup plan when problems arise and handle the problem of receiving calls in the shortest time at all times of the day.

- Ability to meet the diverse needs of the Company

After nearly 1 year of researching and considering many PBX solutions, ZuttoRide trusted Gcalls because it clearly saw the ability to meet the needs of the Gcalls application. And another important reason influencing ZuttoRide's decision is the customer support service of the Gcalls team. Here, ZuttoRide feels well cared for.

“With the great mobility of the Gcalls app, the ZuttoRide Customer Care team can work from home. Just have internet and turn on the computer, employees can make calls at any location. Since switching to Gcalls, employee productivity has doubled compared to before. Employees make calls with customers and partners in a snap and can take notes and search for information directly on the computer browser.”
Ms. Truc Phuong
Customer Service Manager


Connect customers anytime, anywhere

In the unpredictable situation of the Covid-19 acute pneumonia epidemic, Gcalls is like a rescue solution to help the company operate normally without being affected. With very high mobility of Gcalls app, ZuttoRide Customer Care team can work from home. Just have internet and turn on the computer, employees can make calls at any location. In addition, the Gcalls application is also very suitable for use in the late night shift. Employees will receive calls directly through a headset instead of a desk phone with a sudden loud ringing.

With the characteristics of 24/7 operation, ZuttoRide switchboard needs to ensure smooth operation and timely support even late at night and Gcalls fully meets this. ZuttoRide understands that no solution is perfect 100%, there will be times when the switchboard has system problems. The most important thing is how long it will be resolved, is there any backup plan? And ZuttoRide is very reassured whenever problems appear because Gcalls always provides timely support, solves problems quickly at the same time, propose temporary measures to prevent the switchboard from being shut down.

Since switching to Gcalls, Employee productivity is doubled than before. Staff make calls with customers and partners in a split second and can take notes, search for information directly on the computer browser. And managers also easily control the work based on call statistics table as well as recording in real time.

Convenient & Timely, those are the two words Tri wants to say about Gcalls. Thank you Gcalls team for creating a solution that helps companies during the Covid epidemic to actively work from home.”
Mr. Dan Tri
Customer Service Executive

Contacts and interaction history

All interactions with customers and partners are saved, in addition, the call button is present in many locations, so you can call quickly in a few seconds.


Call recordings can be played back at any time to check important information as well as evaluate the quality of customer care services of the team.

Call statistics and export

Help managers easily capture call data, evaluate employees and work quality more effectively

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