Do you have some questions that need clarification about Gcalls’ call solutions? Please take a look at these answers below.


1. What does Gcalls provide?

Gcalls provides a smart, highly integrated solution for businesses. Gcalls’ standard solution package includes: Gcalls Plus Webphone (on computer browser) and Gcalls Plus Mobile (on mobiles, in beta test) which can completely replace landline telephones. In addition, Gcalls also supports integration between Gcalls’ application and CRM, Helpdesk your business is using.
2. Is call quality when using Gcalls’ service guaranteed?

In terms of technology, Gcalls ensures call quality of the solution can be compared with the big names in the market of similar telecommunication services. However, it also depends on many factors such as telecommunication companies (telcos), Internet connection, callers and callees’ call devices and behaviors. Gcalls will support customers and propose solutions to improve call quality.

3. If my device is not connected to the Internet, how can I receive a call from a customer?

We can configure your call flow so that calls from customers are automatically forwarded to your landline or mobile number when the calls to Gcalls’ application connects unsuccessfully (no Internet, power-off mode…). However, you have to pay for the call forwarding fee according to your telco’s charge rate policy.

4. What are the main differences between Gcalls and similar products on the market?

Gcalls’ software and solutions are often compared to Zalo, Viber, Skype, Messenger … The biggest difference is that Gcalls’ solutions are designed exclusively for the needs of businesses to optimize productivity and automate the customer care process while other applications (except for Skype Business) are for individuals only. To use Gcalls’ solution, the application needs to integrate with your business telephone number, allowing to handle simultaneous calls to and from that single number. The applications’ features such as notes, recording, call history by agent … are also designed for businesses’ needs.

5. Do my customers have to use Gcalls’ application?

Only your customer care team need to use the application to call and receive calls. Mobile and web-based applications integrating with the company’s number will completely replace mobile phones or desk phones. On the side of the business’s customers, nothing is changed, they still receive calls or make calls using their cell phones or landline phones by dialing the business’s number as usual.


1. What steps are required and how long does it take to set up a switchboard using Gcalls?

The key steps in the process include:

  • Step 1. Number: The telco configure your number to meet the following conditions: a) It is SIP Trunking (Session Internet Protocol); b) The number is connected to Gcalls’ server.
  • Step 2. Set up the call flow as required: time conditions, IVR greetings, ring groups, music on hold etc.
  • Step 3. Gcalls activate user accounts and give instruction.
  • Step 4: The team access the application and can officially make and receive calls

That it takes how long to set us such switchboard depends on whether your company already possess a SIP Trunk number. As long as the first step is completed, the remaining steps are very simple and take within 1/2 to 2 days to complete.

2. Which costs do we need to pay and is there any investment in additional equipment required?

Businesses need to pay service costs to Gcalls – the software service provider, and to the telco – the number and telecommunication service provider:

  • Costs for Gcalls’ call solutions: charged per user / month, one-shot payment. After receiving the payment, Gcalls activates the accounts for users to use.
  • Costs paid to the telco: initial setup fee (if applicable), maintenance fee and call charge depending on the number of calling minutes monthly.

Apart from these fees, businesses do not need to invest in any equipment or pay any additional fees to Gcalls.

Note: If your device is a desktop computer that does not support external speakers, you need to buy a call-center headset.

3. In addition to the call charge, I have to pay a software service fee to Gcalls. So, is this solution not more economical?

The core value of Gcalls’ solution does not lie in the absolute amount of money your company can save each month. Our solution is designed to help you easily manage customer data, monitor your team and service quality, improve team productivity, minimize the number of missed calls as well as make your clients more satisfied when the team can easily recognize them thanks to the application’s smart contact and interaction history. That is the value that conventional telephone solutions can not bring to your business.

4. What kind of numbers can be used and how much do them cost?

Numbers that are integrated into the solution can be fixed numbers, mobile numbers, 1900s and 1800s. The difference is that in terms of technology, those numbers must support SIP trunking. Gcalls has partnerships with most of the Vietnam telcos (Viettel, VNPT, Mobifone, FPT, CMC, iTelecom, Gtel) and can assist customers in buying or making their current numbers support SIP trunking. The costs related to a number is based on each telco’s policy and you will pay directly to them monthly. In general, the costs are equivalent to conventional telecommunication charges.

5. If we already have a number, can it be integrated into Gcalls’ system?

It is possible, provided your current phone number supports SIP trunking. If it is a normal one, some telcos can change it into a SIP one under certain conditions. Numbers can be changed back to the old one later on.

Do not worry, Gcalls will support your business to connect with the telco to buy a new number or configure it.


1. Do you have an app version installed directly on computers?

Gcalls Plus Webphone is a web-app on computer browsers (Chrome, Firefox) and does not have a version that can be directly installed on your computer. A great advantage of web-app applications is the ability to integrate extremely easily with other web-app information systems (such as CRM, Helpdesk). Web-apps are the trend of today’s software technology as the demand for connections between information systems is increasing in the world.

2. When using Gcalls Plus Webphone, does recording all incoming and outgoing calls take up a lot of storage?

Call recording data is stored in the cloud and not in the device so it does not affect your computer’s storage.

3. My company is using CRM software. Is Gcalls capable of integrating this CRM into the Gcalls Plus Webphone application to synchronize information between the two systems?

Gcalls Plus Webphone application can integrate with a lot of CRM and Helpdesk systems. Integration is possible if the CRM you are using can export APIs. Gcalls’ technical team needs to investigate that CRM as well as analyze your integration needs in details in order to assess the feasility.

4. How long does it take to integrate Gcalls Plus Webphone with a CRM, Helpdesk?

Based on the CRM software as well as requirements on integration, Gcalls team can design the solution and estimate the completion time. With simple needs, it may take only 1-3 days. For more complex needs, time can range from weeks to months.


1. How to log in to the Gcalls Plus Mobile application?

The Gcalls Plus Webphone application is the only platform allowing registration, inviting users, assigning SIP accounts (accounts with extensions) to users.

To get an account, the admin needs to click “Register” on Gcalls Plus Webphone, invite users via emails and assign each user a SIP account. Then the users confirm the invitation, generates their password and use that information to log into Gcalls Plus Mobile.

2. Is Gcalls Plus Mobile now officially in use?

Gcalls Plus Mobile is currently in beta testing. Some mobiles are not compatible with the application. To use, smartphone devices need to be tested for compatibility with the application. During this period, Gcalls encourages businesses to use Gcalls Plus Webphone only or use both.

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