Do you have some questions that need clarification about Gcalls’ call solutions? Please take a look at these answers below.

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1. What does Gcalls provide?

Gcalls provides solutions to digitalize business phone systems, completely replacing traditional solutions that are no longer suitable to today’s needs. Everyone knows that communication through phones are one of the backbone channels for businesses, regardless of size, country, field, past or present. However, statistically, when using conventional telephone solutions – analog desk phones or personal mobile phones at work – 80% of business data that can be held at hand is lost and dispersed by people, equipment, and operation processes. Without data, businesses will not be able to understand their customers, just as we will not understand the content of a book when 80% of the letters are gone.

The current flagship product is the Gcalls Plus Webphone application – a web-based app that allows telesales, customer service (CS) teams and managers to work most effectively thanks to storing 100% of customer information and call data, as well as the ability to integrate with existing business platforms such as CRM software, Helpdesk, SMS Marketing, sales management software … Gcalls Plus Webphone application will completely replace the landline phones. Your team only needs a computer (PC, laptop) connected to the internet and a suitable headset to make and receive calls with your company phone number, wherever you are.

The main solutions Gcalls provide include:

  • Professional switchboard (greetings, working hours …)
  • Gcalls Plus Webphone application 
  • Integration services with CRM, Helpdesk, sales management software, SMS brandname that customers are using.
2. What are the differences between Gcalls and other call applications?

Gcalls software is often compared with Zalo, Viber, Skype, Messenger … The biggest difference is that Gcalls solution only serves the operational needs of businesses to optimize staff efficiency and automate customer care processes while other applications (except for Skype Business) are for individuals only. To use the Gcalls solution, the application needs to integrate with the business phone number, allowing multiple simultaneous calls to and from that unique number. The application’s features such as notes, recording, historical statistics by agent… are also designed specifically for business needs.

The Gcalls application is for the customer service team, sales, telesales team of businesses to use. Companies’ customers don’t have to use the Gcalls app. They still answer calls or make calls to businesses using their mobile or landline phones by dialing the company number as usual.

3. What are the steps in implementing the solution and how long does it take?

The main steps in the process include:

Step 1. Contract:
Sign a Gcalls service contract
Step 2. Phone number
At the same time, Gcalls connect customers with the telcos so that they instruct customers to buy numbers via email (select numbers, sign a contract to buy numbers with the telco).
Step 3. Configuration: The telco and Gcalls carry out the number configuration and test.
Step 4. Call flow: Gcalls sets your call flow according to your needs: time conditions, greetings, ring groups, ringing tones, etc.
Step 5. Get started: Gcalls activate user accounts and give training after receiving payment
(customers need to have appropriate headsets).
How long the process will take depends on whether or not the business has a SIP Trunk number. Provided that the initial steps are completed, the remaining steps are very simple and only fluctuate within 1/2 – 2 days. Normally, buying a new phone number takes 3 – 7 working days (including the time to choose a number and send a contract to the telco).

4. What are the fees we need to pay?

Businesses need to pay service costs for Gcalls – the software provider, and for the telco – the number provider:

Fee for Gcalls services: Depending on the number of users, please see here.
Fees for the telcos: initialization fee paid initially (if any), monthly subscription and calling charges depending on the number of minutes monthly (telcos sends notification of charges and to your email every month).
In addition, businesses need to equip appropriate headsets. The type of headset that comes with a mobile phone or a normal music headset supports very poor functions: microphone, noise cancellation, signal transmission. For telesales and customer service, you need to choose a specialized headset, especially with a USB connector, to be compatible with all computers (laptops, desktops). You should buy headphones with a good brand, because of its durability, good sound quality and warranty.

5. What is the kind of number used and what is the cost?

The number integrated into the solution can be fixed numbers, mobile numbers, tollfree (1900 and 1800). The number format is not different from a normal phone number. The difference is that in terms of technology, the number must support SIP Trunking (or VOIP – transmitting signals over the Internet). Gcalls has had partnerships with most operators in Vietnam (Viettel, VNPT, Mobifone, FPT, CMC, iTelecom, Gtel) and can support customers to buy prefixes or convert existing numbers if not. Support SIP Trunking. The cost of the prefix is ​​calculated according to the carrier’s policy and paid directly to the network operator, equivalent to normal telecommunications charges. Please see the table of price comparison of the network here (for reference only, please contact the network operator for the latest update fee policy).