Co-operate co-development

To get the job done well, the team often has to use a lot of different platforms and applications. It will be difficult and inconvenient when those platforms cannot connect with each other. Understanding that, Gcalls wishes to promote the trend of mutual cooperation between domestic and foreign technology platforms to bring better values to themselves and their customers.


Make and receive calls right on CRM, Helpdesk, POS, helping to increase work efficiency 2 times.

Show customer information

When a customer calls, the most important information about the customer is immediately visible. With just one click, you can access all your customer history from CRM, Helpdesk, POS, giving you maximum information to enhance customer experience.


With your permission, contacts can be automatically synced from CRM, Helpdesk and POS to the Gcalls app so that the call statistics table visually shows each call related to which customer.

Save call information

All call information made on CRM, Helpdesk and POS are saved in Gcalls application. In addition, depending on the integrated platform, call information is also saved in the customer profile page of the CRM, Helpdesk or POS you are using.


Depending on the integrated platform, some operations can be reduced by automation: automatically opening the customer profile page, automatically creating tickets, automatically syncing and archiving…

SMS brandname

SMS with your company brand right on the Gcalls interface (single or mass messaging, personalized messaging by contact name) or from the CRM, Helpdesk and POS interfaces you are using.

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