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Voice: The key to telemarketing success

In recent years, telemarketing (telemarketing) used by individuals, organizations and businesses as a main tool in business. This is considered a How to sell effectively? because it allows to reach many potential customers in a short time and significantly reduce selling costs. Exchanges, sales contracts are agreed by phone quickly and bring high efficiency for both parties. 

There are many tools used to build relationships between businesses and customers over the phone such as: call script, build the ideal customer portrait, …

Among them, the first impression that impacts and contributes to maintaining the conversation with customers is the voice of telesale. Some studies show that the voice of sales team contribute to successfully convince customers to 93%.

With a variety of expressions in tempo, intonation, volume, and emotion, staff voices can convey trust, concern, and care to listeners. Conversely, it can also leave customers indifferent, annoyed, or belittling. 

This article will present 3 extremely important factors to create an attractive voice in the service selling over the phone. It's volume, tempo, and intonation along with body language. Once you can bring out these strengths in your voice, it will become a powerful weapon to help you Attract and retain customers via phone call, thereby helping effective sales than.

Giọng nói: Yếu tố quyết định sự thành công trong tiếp thị qua điện thoại (cold calling)

Voice: The 93% determinant of telemarketing success

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1. Use the right volume to hear confidently and clearly

Sử dụng âm lượng vừa phải để tạo ấn tượng tốt với khách hàng tiềm năng

Use a moderate volume to make a good impression on potential customers

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The first thing potential customers will notice about your voice sales agent is the volume at which they are speaking.

If the employee is talking in a low, timid manner, most listeners will immediately know that it is a sign of lack of confidence. Customers will immediately think that the agent is quiet, low-key, or even silent because they are scared, nervous, and don't know how to handle the situation – all characteristics that make a call. ineffective sales. Not only that, the fact that customers have to repeat the word "what" over and over because they don't hear it clearly is the "deadline" leading to a failed transaction. 

On the other hand, when telemarketing You should also not raise your voice, have an annoying voice with customers, because your voice is the culprit that denounces your personality when communicating over the phone. 

Therefore, a soft and inspiring voice with a sufficient volume will bring a comfortable and pleasant feeling to the listener and leave them with a good impression of you.

But even being able to speak a little louder is a way to make you appear more confident, in control, and in power. 

2. Rhythm and intonation create attractiveness for the sales story

Close your eyes and imagine you pick up the phone and hear:

“Hello… uhhh .. I'm Phuc …… you/you don't know me… But I…. ummmm. I'm calling from Gcalls… .. and…. Can I ask for a minute… um… of your time… I have some call center solutions… for startups… like yours.”

If the above line is offensive to read, imagine how your potential customer feels when they hear that voice over the phone?

Again, if you're speaking at a below-average speed, most listeners will understand that you're confused or unsure of what you're saying. They will think you are wasting their time with clichés. And if that's the case, why should they trust you?

Ironically, speaking slowly also makes it difficult for others to understand what you're saying. We're used to a certain tempo in our conversations, and anything excessive makes us uncomfortable to listen to.

However, this does not mean that you need to increase your talking speed when telemarketing. Again, you should speak at a slightly above average speed. Not so fast that words and meanings are lost, but fast enough that you sound well-rehearsed, confident, and smart.

In addition, when you want to convey to customers a message from the voice, do not ignore the element of rhythm and intonation. It is very important to understand in the message that you give, where do you place the emphasis? What words do you mean the stress on? The same ordered sentence, arranged in the same order, will have very different meanings when you change the intonation of your voice. 

Điều chỉnh tốc độ và ngữ điệu khi tiếp thị qua điện thoại để thu hút khách hàng hơn

Adjust the pace and intonation of telemarketing to attract more customers

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3. Use body language to build confidence, even when you're on the phone

Even though you are making a sales call and the customer cannot see what you are doing. But use body language for your own benefit. 

Changing positions, using body language in sales calls can give you confidence and energy. And the person on the other end of the line can feel and pick up the phone as an energy spread. 

When you're making the first sales call to a new prospect, stand up straight with your chest out. Look ahead and smile. Try it now. The energy you are feeling will go into the advertisement, making you more confident and excited. 


Sử dụng ngôn ngữ cơ thể giúp bạn tự tin chào hàng hơn

Using body language makes you more confident in your sales

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Listen back to your calls and learn to master the nuances of your own voice

Take a moment to listen back to your call recordings and see how your voice sounds. Ignore the words and just listen to the tone. Do you hear that voice exuding confidence and conviction? Does the tone of that voice show sincerity or is it just cliché and emotionless? 

What you hear is also what potential customers will feel. Therefore, spend time practicing each day with friends and colleagues, with a mirror, and listen back to call recordings to adjust the nuances of your voice to produce the desired results in telesales. . 

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