Expanding into new markets and serving international customers have never been that easy. Your team completely based in Vietnam can still take good care of customers and conduct telesales easily.

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International DID numbers


International DID numbers

With numbers in more than 60 countries worldwide, Gridtel helps your business immediately present and ready to reach customers everywhere. You can easily expand to new areas and markets with minimal costs and investments.

Your call center team in Vietnam and overseas customers can easily communicate with each other on phone but call charges still follow local rates. Does your business use numbers of several different countries? No problem, the system will automatically use the correct local number when you make a call.



Gridtel allows you to actively set up and change call flows anytime according to your operating model: office hours, interactive voice recording (IVR) with Text to Speech technology, call forwarding to personal phone numbers, other departments or voice messages.

With a friendly interface, you can easily manipulate on the admin page without technical expertise.

<p style="text-align: right; color: #fff">ACTIVELY CONFIGURE YOUR CALL CENTER</p>
<p style="text-align: left;">EASY MANAGEMENT</p>



Unlike traditional call solutions, our smart solution not only helps the agents to take better care of customers but also provides information for managers to manage call history, listen to the recordings for staff evaluation.



Not only able to manage call history and recordings, managers can also monitor the system through the administration page with real-time general data as well as evaluation indicators for each agent.

Using information about the number of calls waiting in queue at that time, the number of unconnected calls, the agent status, the pick-up or missed-call rate, you can make the right decisions, allocate agents more reasonable as well as have solutions to improve agent performance and your business’s service quality.

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Are you planning to expand into a new market? Let Gcalls accompany you and help you on this new journey.

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