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Integrated call solutions for better management, more interaction and higher productivity for businesses

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Google Data Studio
Gcalls with Google Data Studio

Gcalls integrates with Google Data Studio, allowing to use all information from your call center (Inbound, outbound calls and much more) to create custom reports and dashboards on your demand.

Google Data Studio
Zoho CRM
Gcalls for Zoho CRM

Click-to-Call, Click-to-SMS right on the main work interface of ZOHO CRM and data synchronization between the two systems (Gcalls and Zoho CRM)

Zoho CRM
Gcalls for Kustomer

Gcalls integrates Click-to-Call, Click-to-SMS on the main work interface of Kustomer and data synchronization between the two systems

Earn up to
10% of revenue
Earn up to
10% of revenue

Accompanying with Gcalls to bring comprehensive and reliable solutions to businesses

Accompanying with Gcalls to bring comprehensive and reliable solutions to businesses

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Gcalls is a cloud-based call center solution for businesses, capable of integrating with other systems, helping businesses to centrally manage customer and call data, and easily assess sales and customer service teams’ KPIs, thereby increasing revenue and improving service quality.

<span style="font-weight: 500; font-size: 18px">Increasing productivity </span>

Increasing productivity

With just one convenient click, you are connected directly to customers, taking notes right in contact pages and review interaction history anytime while speaking on phone.

<span style="font-weight: 500; font-size: 18px">Hold all the information</span>

Hold all the information

Get rid of the guesswork and evaluate based on manually and poorly synthesized data. Control and improve staff performance with call recordings, statistics and detailed call history.

<span style="font-weight: 500; font-size: 18px">Seamless workflow</span>

Seamless workflow

Deliver better customer experiences when your team is provided with necessary information right before the conversation thanks to our integration with your CRM, Helpdesk, SMS and other tools.

<span style="font-weight: 500; font-size: 18px">Grow without pain</span>

Grow without pain

Do not be held by a complicated phone system with bulky devices and cables. With Gcalls, you can increase agents, open new branches with a phone system available whenever you need.


Different from traditional desk phones, Gcalls helps businesses set up and expand a wireless call center within 5 minutes in any country, store all interaction history, allowing staff to understand customers well before any conversation.

<h5 style="font-size: 18px">User-friendly interface, <br> easy for your team to get used to</h5>

User-friendly interface,
easy for your team to get used to

<h5 style="font-size: 18px">Integration quickly with <br> other business applications</h5>

Integration quickly with
other business applications

<h5 style="font-size: 18px">Connect to the numbers<br> of more than 70 countries</h5>

Connect to the numbers
of more than 70 countries

<h5 style="font-size: 18px">Our APIs allow your <br>developers to integrate easily</h5>

Our APIs allow your
developers to integrate easily

<h5 style="font-size: 18px">Team with over <br>5 years of experience</h5>

Team with over
5 years of experience

<h5 style="font-size: 18px">Customers' success <br>is our No. 1 priority</h5>

Customers’ success
is our No. 1 priority


Make every conversation a great customer experience

A professional call center
Optimizing productivity
Effective management


Phone calls are the backbone communication channel of most industries

<h5 style="font-size: 18px">Education - Training</h5>

Education – Training

<h5 style="font-size: 18px">Retail & E-Commerce</h5>

Retail & E-Commerce

<h5 style="font-size: 18px">Technology Services</h5>

Technology Services

<h5 style="font-size: 18px">Financial Services & Insurance</h5>

Financial Services & Insurance

<h5 style="font-size: 18px">Health & Beauty Care</h5>

Health & Beauty Care

<h5 style="font-size: 18px">Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)</h5>

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)


Using multiple tools is no longer a problem

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Customers ❤️


Listen to what our customers talk about their experiences when accompanying Gcalls

The most important customer service is timeliness and respect. Timeliness is expressed in the ability to meet requirements and support customers anytime and anywhere. Respect is expressed in the fulfillment of the commitments made to customers. Thank you Gcalls for supporting us very well on both sides.

<p style ="font-family: open sans; font-size: 14x">Mr. Tai Tran - Customer Service Manager</p>

Mr. Tai Tran – Customer Service Manager


Gcalls helps OFÉLIA increase customer support performance compared to traditional solutions. At the same time, data saved automatically helps me to control the quality of customer care and bring the highest efficiency. When we need support, Gcalls team also handles issues very quickly and dedicatedly.

<p style ="font-family: open sans; font-size: 14px"> Mr. Tran Nguyen - Customer Service Manager</p>

Mr. Tran Nguyen – Customer Service Manager

@OFÉLIA Los Angeles

Gcalls helps KTDC to minimize missed calls from customers. Even if there is a missed call, KTDC still has information to follow up and call back. For each incoming call, all customer service executives can consult and support clients in the most effective way because interaction data is saved on Gcalls system.

<p style ="font-family: open sans; font-size: 14px"> Mr. Thu Nguyen - Managing Director</p>

Mr. Thu Nguyen – Managing Director

@KTDC Business Skills


Connecting to all telcos in Vietnam and more than 70 other countries.

AR – Argentina

AU – Australia

BH – Bahrain

BY – Belarus

BE – Belgium

BW – Botswana

BR – Brazil

BG – Bulgaria

KH – Cambodia

CL – Chile

ES – Spain


CN – China

CO – Colombia

CR – Costa Rica

HR – Croatia

CY – Cyprus

DK – Denmark

EC – Ecuador

SV – El Salvador

EE – Estonia

FI – Finland

SE – Sweden

GB – United Kingdom

FR – France

GE – Georgia

DE – Germany

GH – Ghana

GR – Greece

GD – Grenada

HK – Hong Kong

HU – Hungary

IN – India

ID – Indonesia

CH – Switzerland

US – United States

IE – Ireland

IL – Israel

IT – Italy

JM – Jamaica

JP – Japan

KZ – Kazakhstan

KE – Kenya

LV – Latvia

LT – Lithuania

LU – Luxembourg

TW – Taiwan

VE – Venezuela

MO – Macau

MY – Malaysia

MT – Malta

MX – Mexico

NL – Netherlands

NZ – New Zealand

NO – Norway

PA – Panama

PE – Peru

PH – Philippines

TH – Thailand

PL – Poland

PT – Portugal

PR – Puerto Rico

RO – Romania

RU – Russia

SG – Singapore

SK – Slovakia

SI – Slovenia

ZA – South Africa

KR – South Korea

TR – Turkey




Increasing the First Call Resolution rate (FCR)


Average time each agent can save perper day


is the average increase in connected calls