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Automated calling software and its benefits to sales strategy

If your salespeople exceed their sales quota, you will have more leads. That is not debatable.

That's why the best sales managers often spend time and money motivating their sales teams and sending employees to training seminars to learn "cold calling" skills. Proactive sales calls). But even with their salespeople trying to call potential customers every day, many businesses still don't get the revenue growth they want.

Why so?

Because salespeople's time is wasted a lot by phone numbers asking to leave voicemails or waiting for customers to reply, salespeople often waste a lot of time leaving messages. in voicemail or wait until the customer answers their call. Sales data has shown that: The average salesperson makes 52 calls per day and 15 percent of their time is spent leaving voicemail messages.

And that's 36 wasted hours per month per salesperson!

So what is the end result? Only 60% salespeople met their quota.

You might be thinking: This is crazy!

And yes, this is crazy. However, there is a better way that will help you improve this rate. All you need to do is choose the right sales tools and equip your sales team with the technology they need to operate more efficiently.

And this is the time Automated calling software appear.

What is automated calling software?

Automated Calling Software – A Tool Every Sales Professional Must Have

To put it plainly, Automated calling software is an application integrated into an electronic device that simplifies manual dialing while calling potential customers.

However, automated calling software is not new. But now, it's a must-have tool in every sales professional's sales toolkit.

Why so? 

Because automated calling software has become smarter thanks to technology.

The cost of the Automated calling software have also dropped significantly over the years, making it easier to buy them as well. There are many different types to choose from and each has some unique features.

3 main types of automated calling software that businesses can choose from

Preview dialers

Preview dialers allow you to preview calls before making them. Image source:

Preview dialers allow you to preview customer information before execution. In a word, these dialers allow salespeople to preview potential customers before deciding whether or not to call. 

Progressive or power dialers

Progressive or power dialers let you call one by one. Image source:

Like Preview dialers, Progressive dialers will also call one by one, but in this case your salesperson can't choose which leads they want to call, basically the dominant dialer will automatically call through the customer list available potential. As soon as a call ends, it automatically dials and calls the next lead from the list. For that reason, Progressive dialers are better suited for teams with fixed scenarios to reach potential customers.

Predictive and automated dialers

Predictive dialers are extremely effective and are used mainly by organized groups, businesses and call center. With this dialer, salespeople can call multiple numbers at once and spend less time waiting to connect with customers. We will discuss all the benefits of automatic and predictive dialers in more depth in the next section.

Automated dialers that are not robot dialers (Robo-dialers): 

Robo-dialers are not made by robots but by humans. This is a tool used by telemarketers to make thousands of calls a day, with pre-recorded messages, sometimes for the purpose of generating leads for sales teams to drive. to push. In September 2018, the FCC fined a telemarketer VND 1,640 billion for using a dial-up robot to make more than 200,000 calls a day. In this particular case, the telemarketer used caller ID spoofing (a technique to disguise the caller's number and display a different caller ID instead).

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai stated that he considers the prevention of illegal robot calls a top priority for FCC consumer protection. According to a Washington Post article from 2018, “You are allowed to send certain types of pre-recorded phone messages to households and individuals, such as informational calls from schools and Pharmacies. However, pre-recorded sales calls are illegal unless the business has the permission of the consumer.”

Again, when we talk about Automated calling software in this article we are not talking about those types of dialers that automatically batch dial and then play pre-recorded phone messages, we are talking about the above dialers which greatly reduce the amount of manual work required to make the call. From there, sales staff can really approach and chat with customers conveniently and quickly.

How does modern automated calling software work?

The latest generation of Automated calling software, Predictive dialers, integrated with your favorite CRM, provide customer insights and save a lot of time for your busy salespeople. Not only that — Predictive dialers automatically limit the number of calls dropped and are designed to comply with general cold-calling regulations.

Obviously, tools Automated calling software made your sales staff more efficient and productive. 

Why should automated call software be part of your sales strategy?

Since the automated calling software is integrated with the CRM

CRM software offers a lot of benefits to sales teams as it provides a complete overview of all their sales activities. Almost Automated calling software both integrate with popular CRM platforms or are built-in as a feature of CRM. 

Automated calling software built-in has the advantage that it generally creates a streamlined sales process and eliminates the hassle you often have with third-party add-ons to your CRM.

What's more, data is collected more accurately and better into your CRM, insights are more meaningful, and sales team's process of receiving data is faster and more organized.

Your salespeople will be able to make more calls. And the key point is the use of Automated calling software Parallel with CRM will help speed up your sales process.

Because automated calling software helps increase conversion rates

Calls from unknown area codes are often rejected or ignored by customers who are often concerned about spam calls. Automated calling software Smart often matches outgoing calls to a local number, thereby increasing the chances of chatting with customers. According to a test by Engine Ready, conversion rates have more than doubled, and the number of potential customers answering the phone increased by 112.5% when the local area code is used to make the call.

Automated calling software helps to reduce human error

When you are on a call, it is very common for an error to occur, for example: dialing the wrong number, calling the same person twice… However, Automated calling software will help you avoid these with this automation.

Automated calling software helps you to have more time for other tasks

Because Automated calling software can call multiple numbers at once, so your salesperson can call more numbers in a short amount of time. The predictive dialer can reduce the interval between calls to just about 3 seconds, saving your salespeople about 45 minutes a day on average.

With that much time saved, they can do a whole bunch of other useful work.

For new salespeople, they can follow up with more leads, thus increasing your conversion rates.


Everything in sales is driven by numbers.

The more customers you reach, the more potential customers you have. If you follow the manual call-in process, you're only adding to the fatigue of already exhausted salespeople from the process. Invest in Automated calling software Not only will it improve your sales process, but it will also dramatically increase your team's productivity. 

Here is the information related to Automated calling software, classification and the benefits that this application brings to the sales department of your business. Come to Gcalls today if you want to learn more about how we give you the sales technology your team needs to succeed.

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