Intelligent web-based application for call center agents and managers

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Customer care becomes much easier with<b style="color: #673ab7;"> Smart contact</b>

Customer care becomes much easier with Smart contact

  • Automatically add contacts when calling to or receiving calls from new numbers.
  • Create contact groups for easier contact management.
  • Add notes, reminders related to a contact.
  • View the interaction history with a customer for better insight and caring (notes, reminders, call recordings, call history)

Centralized management with the interface for<b style="color: #673ab7;"> administrator</b>

Centralized management with the interface for administrator

  • Recording and storing calls help to evaluate and enhance staff performance.
  • Manage the call history to evaluate the efficiency of the call center system.
  • Call statistics allows to assess agents’ productivity.
  • Agent status: online, offline, having a call

Enjoy the power of<b style="color: #673ab7;"> <br> integration</b>

Enjoy the power of

Synchronized information with enterprise software such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Helpdesk (Customer Care), …

“Do you possess a professional call center team? Gcalls will bring you a tool to manage the call center which deserves that professionalism!”

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