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At Gcalls, we do whatever it takes to make the impossible possible. We are action-driven, spiritual perfection, accountability, team spirit, integrity and innovativity. We embrace positivity and fun, treat challenges as stepping stones, and enjoy the adventure that we are on together!


Our ultimate goal does not stop at closing as many deals as possible. We take a further step: make as many clients happy as possible. “Always give our customers more than what they expect to get” is the motto that we need you to follow.

What you have:

  • Great listening skills and a customer-oriented mindset is a MUST
  • Careful and detail-oriented
  • Ability to work under pressure and love challenges in a startup environment
  • Good problem-solving skills
  • English fluency will be a plus

What we have:

  • Huge ambition and big vision which can evoke and promote your warrior spirit.
  • A young and active environment where spiritual perfection, accountability, team spirit, integrity and innovativity are the five core values.
  • An open environment where your ideas are highly appreciated
  • We won’t strictly check your attendance and punctuality like in a class. We need revenue results and customer satisfaction, not your absence and presence report

If you are looking for more than just a job, begin your interesting and challenging adventure with us.

Submit your awesomeness at We can’t wait to see it.

But remember! We will only wait until 31/12/2019.