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“For me, Gcalls’s solution is worth the investment and experience, helping businesses save 30% of operation time as well as save costs for making calls and managing.”
Han ebiv
Ms. Han
Head of Consultation Department

About EBIV


Established in mid 2015 in Ho Chi Minh City, EBIV is the first technology startup in Vietnam to apply social networking platform to assess individual and organizational skills and credit. EBIV JSC is also the investor directy developing and operating the – an educational evaluation platform.


Currently, EBIV focuses on the education sector with an educational evaluation platform and course booking “Edu2Review” with the desite to connect millions of learners and high-quality training organizations. The core value of Edu2Review is to give students the source of authenticated evaluation information and incentives when booking online courses, while the training businesses can promote their brand and attract students.


Growing up from BSSC’s start-up acceleration programs (Youth Support Center), Edu2Review has achieved many impressive figures: more than 3,500 training centers in the database, 35,000 authenticated reviews from students. In 2017 only, Edu2Review served nearly 4.2 million users and handled more than 25,000 course bookings across the system.


It takes time when we need to make many counseling calls

As a startup with Edu2Review credit rating platform attracting thousands of training centers and millions of learners nationwide, EBIV’s consultation department needs to make a lot of calls to advise users daily. 

In the initial stage, they used mobile phones with many different numbers. This solution helped the company to deploy quickly and easily. However, with the rapid development and focusing on quality of consulting service, EBIV found this communication tool inconvenient and inefficient.

  • Since each of agents has to make multiple calls, looking at the list and dialing the phone numbers did not optimize their working time. That is not to mention dialing mistakes that can occur. 
  • During each call, the agents have to take note quickly important information on notebooks. After finishing, they have to enter the notes on EBIV’s management system for easy follow-up later. This is quite inconvenient and time-consuming.
  • The managers also have difficulty in assessing the quality because all call information is not saved automatically, fully and centralizedly.

With these difficulties, EBIV decided to choose Gcalls’ software solution among other solutions and has been accompaying together so far. 

“Gcalls is very suitable for service businesses related to consulting and customer care. My performance has greatly increased. For example, before I used Gcalls, I could only make about 30 calls per day. Now I can make 45-50 calls, which is very convenient.”
Chau ebiv
Ms. Chau Dinh
Consultant Executive

The solution

Staff performance and customer service are enhanced

With Gcalls Plus Webphone – a web-based call application, the team only needs to copy phone numbers and paste into the call box to make calls immediately, skipping number dialing. Contact lists can be easily imported to the app in just a few steps, allowing the consultants to save a lot of time with the Click-to-Call functionality. In particular, the team can call from the customer data management page of EBIV with our Gcalls Plus Extension, no need to add that list to the Gcalls application anymore. Notes can be entered into the admin page while talking on the phone.

According to EBIV, the number of calls the team can make each day increases by upto 30% – 50%.

The call recording feature is regularly used by managers. EBIV has different call scripts and trains team members according to those scenarios so that they can confidently consult and deliver the best experience to customers. Periodically, the head of the consulting department listens to some call recordings to check whether a member consults well and which new situations arise compared to the available scripts. Typical conversations, especially with situations outside the script, will be saved for training purposes. 

“I really love Gcalls’ customer care. When there is an issue to support, they solve it quickly, dedicated and then ask again if the problem happens again. I am willing to recommend Gcalls’ solutions to my acquaintances.”
Han ebiv
Ms. Han
Head of Consultation Department



Make a call with just a simple click on the phone number on CRM.

Call recording

Team leaders and managers can listen to call recordings again to assess the quality of customer care.


Data in the statistics and call history details provide managers with an overview as well as specific picture of the customer care activities of the team.