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(Updated: 03/2019)



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Using Gcalls since




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“Gcalls helps KTDC to minimize the number of missed calls from customers. Even if there is a missed call, KTDC still has information to follow up and call back. For each incoming call, all customer service executives can consult and support clients in the most effective way because interaction data is saved on Gcalls system.”
Ms. Thu Nguyen
Managing Director

About KTDC Business Skills


Founded in 2009, KTDC Group (Business Skills Center) is the first training center in Ho Chi Minh to focus on Business Communication – Soft Skills, specializing in providing customized business courses for students and working people.


The most important goal of KTDC Business Skills is to help students to be confident and well-prepared in every situation from giving a persuasive presentation, successfully negotiating import-export deals or attending a meeting etc. … in English.


During the past 10 years, KTDC Business Skills Center has contributed to the training of directors, IT or finance experts, doctors, scientists and entrepreneurs in Vietnam as well as in the international environment. It is impossible to mention all the businesses that the company has trained. Some typical names are Bosch, Prudential, DHL, The Landmark, LouisDreyfus, Nestlé, Sanofi, Park Hyatt …


Information and productivity

KTDC Business Skills has several different departments that have to contact regularly by phone, from support, course consultation, announcements of class schedules, extracurricular activities as well as asking for feedback, to contact corporate clients who are always demanding professionalism and dedication from a service.

KTDC Business Skills’ motto is “We don’t aim to be the biggest center in Vietnam, JUST THE BEST”. An effective, modern and professional switchboard solution is an indispensable factor to help KTDC bring a perfect service to customers .

Previously, each staff member was equipped with a desk phone to contact. However, the landline phone cannot store and provide any information, even callers’ phone number. Report files and Excel tables are prepared manually every week and month, which is time-consuming, difficult to measure and not accurate. Therefore, KTDC needs a new solution so that: 

  • The team immediately recognizes the customer calling.
  • The department head has call data each day to assess agent performance.
“Gcalls’s solution makes it easier to manage our customers. With Gcalls’s Note and Reminder feature, I can tell when the customer has taken the test before, what results and what problems they’ve had so I can support them better.”
Ms. Mi
Customer Service Executive

The solution

Interacting with customers and evaluating based on accurate data

KTDC Business Skills decided to choose Gcalls’ software solution to make the company’s phone system become centralized, synchronous and automated. All desk phones are replaced by the Gcalls Plus Webphone web-based application, accompanying the team every single day.

With traditional solutions, more than 80% of call data that is supposed to be held in hand cannot be managed and stored. In contrast, when using Gcalls solution, all interactive history and call information between agents and customers are automatically saved and visualized. While talking on the phone, each member can create notes right in the contact instead of taking notes in a notebook and then enter them into Excel files to manage as before. At the same time, this whole set of information is centralized and shared among all team members to enhance collaborative customer support.

“My expectation when using Gcalls is to enhance service quality. That is our highest priority”, said Ms. Thu Nguyen – Managing Director.

Periodically, team managers do not have to wait for manual reports and then summarize and evaluate themselves. With Gcalls, call history, work performance and service quality at KTDC Group will be recorded and clearly displayed in the real-time Statistics page, which can be accessed anytime and anywhere. 

“The value that Gcalls brings to KTDC Group is not only in terms of quality and performance, but also the dedication of Gcalls’ support staff.”
Ms. Thu Nguyen
Managing Director



Note important information right in your contacts while you are on a call with a customer or at any time later.


Create task reminders assigned to you or colleagues to complete on time.

Interaction history

All interactions between the team and customers are saved, accessible for review at any time.

SMS integration

KTDC Business Skills can send SMS to customers right on the interface of Gcalls and the content of messages is stored in contacts’ interaction history.