Make customers feel welcomed and appreciated
(Updated: 10/2019)




Using Gcalls since

Using Gcalls since




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Gcalls Plus Webphone

“Gcalls has helped my Quan Nem restaurant system to bring interesting surprises to customers when they call our restaurants. Whenever customers call to reserve a table or order food, our staff can immediately greet guests with name and talk to guests about their unique preferences or requirements. Call recordings allow us to train our operators better and help us look for opportunities to enhance the customer experience for their next calll.”
Mr. Nam Nguyen
Restaurant system owner



Quan Nem is a family-run restaurant system based on the motto of quality over quantity. The main dish is crab spring rolls originating from Hai Phong coastal area which is enjoyed by many customers. This is an ideal place for families, partners or groups of friends to gather together, enjoy the full unique flavor of this dish.


Quan Nem would like to introduce more people about the crab spring rolls with style of Hai Phong cuisine. Here, spring rolls are not fried in advance but after customers’ order to keep the rolls crispy, fatty, non-greasy, served with noodles, sweet and sour sauce, salads and clove leaves. Quan Nem always strives to make every guest, after enjoying this special dish, feel truly satisfied.


Visiting Quan Nem to enjoy the famous spring rolls, guests seem to meet a bit of deliciousness and elegance of 36 old streets, culinary beauty has been raised into culture. Therefore, Quan Nem has become a place for many people for gatherings. Quan Nem currently has 3 branches in the center of two big cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.


How to recognize customers when they call

Anyone when buys something from someone who remembers their names and preferences will definitely feel satisfied because they are cared for and appreciated. This is especially true for the restaurant industry, where remembering guests is not an easy task.

Quan Nem always thinks that every customer who comes to the restaurant is a friend who visits the house, every customer calling to order is a friend from far away who wants to enjoy their spring rolls with which you used to treat them. However, with the landline phone, the team could hardly recognize callers, and had to ask for the information again. This had partly prevented Quan Nem staff from providing perfect customer service with the high standards that they have set.

It is also more time-consuming and inconvenient to store customer information in notebooks. As the number of new customers is increasing, finding customer information becomes difficult. Therefore, Quan Nem wanted to find a smarter solution.

“Another advantage of Gcalls solution is that with a traditional landline phone, cables and a fixed position are required. With Gcalls, you only need a computer connected internet to be able to call operators for all branches. It is very good and convenient for several employees to use the same phone number of Quan Nem in Customer Service.”
Mr. Khoa
In charge of customer experience


Make customers feel welcomed and appreciated

Initially, Quan Nem was quite hesitant to switch from a desk phone solution to Gcalls web-app because the characteristics of the restaurant industry are different from office businesses. However, Gcalls has been accompanying Quan Nem and helped the restaurant succeed with the solution. The values ​​that Gcalls brings gradually convince Quan Nem, from just trying to apply for a restaurant to apply for the whole system. The most impressive thing is that any call of the customer is saved by Gcalls and Quan Nem staff can save the customer’s name, address and preference right on the application. When customers call, Quan Nem can immediately greet guests with their names and guess the dishes that customers will order thanks to the notes about their preferences. This has surprised a lot of customers of Quan Nem.

The call recording feature is also very helpful. With customer care, listening to the recording helps you not to miss important information. For managers, recording means a lot in controlling the process and service quality. In addition, Quan Nem has several locations and will continue to expand in the future, the stringless solution of Gcalls will help Quan Nem easily expand. The staff only needs a computer connected to the internet, log into the application to be able to answer calls anywhere.

“I think Gcalls customer service is very good. When something goes wrong, Gcalls supports us enthusiastically right away. If anyone is interested, I am willing to introduce them to the Gcalls solution.
Mr. Gioi
Ho Chi Minh branch manager


Smart contacts and interaction history

All interactions between the team and the customer are saved, accessible for review at any time. When customers call, the name and other information displayed, allowing employees to confidently talk to customers.

Call recording

You can listen to the call recordings again at any time to check the important information as well as evaluate the quality of customer care service of the team.