Headset EPOS Sennheiser 30 USB CTRL


Sound quality

  • EPOS Sennheiser SC 30 USB CTRL is equipped with a microphone with excellent sound capture, making the operator's voice clear and true, without disturbing the listener.

"Active guard" function

  • Sennheiser's exclusive technology helps prevent hiss or sounds beyond the limits of the human ear – Other brands have similar features in their high-end headphones. But the way other companies handle it is to cut this part off. Sennheiser compresses the sound to fit the normal hearing range of the human ear - The advantage is that listening for a long time is not tired and the recorded file will always be "clean".

Build to last

  • Materials for making headphones and conductors are always selected: The company also announced its plastic material or steel frame with anti-sweat and anti-allergic features that cause itching of the user's scalp. High-class labor tools should be used continuously for 8 hours/day - 5 days/week. Conductors are made from alloy "Vectran" An alloy known as more durable than Kelvar - used for bulletproof armor.
  • Plug: USB
  • Microphone Frequency: 150 Hz – 6,800 Hz
  • Headphones frequency: 60 Hz – 16 kHz
  • Microphone: Remove noise noise

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