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Telesales: How to focus when making sales calls

Your biggest challenge at work telesales That's how not to be distracted every time sales call (aka ) telemarketing and sales).

So What is telesale?? Is it as simple as picking up the phone and calling a company's existing client on a single work tab? In fact, you have to open many tabs on your computer at the same time to serve your work, for example: Email, CRM software, Facebook, Customer's Website, articles on how to handle objections of customers. customers, work management data files, etc.

So when you're in a conversation with a customer on the phone, you're distracted by what's in front of you. Those things are constantly calling for your attention, creating an irresistible temptation to derail you. sales call.

Salespeople often get distracted by other things while they are on the phone, such as:

  • Open to view incoming emails.
  • Review how customer objections are handled.
  • Surf Facebook.
  • Or whatever keeps them from focusing on the current call.

How to focus when making sales calls

1. Reasons not to be distracted when telesales

Breaking the pace of conversation

It interrupts your conversation and cuts the connection between you and the prospect. It's not hard for customers to notice when you've turned their attention from the conversation to your screen or something else. Customers can sense it on the other end of the line if they listen carefully, because while you're distracted you use more words (ah, yes, um, …), and Your pauses in customer conversations will also increase dramatically.

Don't understand what the customer is saying

What is telemarketing? Can you tell the difference between “just listening to the customer” and “understanding what the customer has to say”? To be able to grasp all the ideas that customers say is not easy. If you divide your focus on many different things during the call, you cannot understand what the customer is saying.

Influence your telesales effectiveness

You think you have a "superpower" when you can handle multiple activities at the same time. That's a thought that shouldn't have been. You are putting yourself in a state of suboptimal performance. You can't be the best salesperson if you're doing a lot of other things while doing one sales call. If you want to be an employee telesales If you are good, the prerequisite is that you must fully focus on interacting with the customer during the call. The more time you spend in a non-optimal state, the more you get used to it, and it becomes an unconscious habit that affects other parts of your sales process. The habit of being easily distracted will make you feel like what you do is not going anywhere. Don't waste your day like that, keep your mind alert to handle the work in the most clear and effective way.

Don't do too many things at once while telesales. Give potential customers full attention. Although many salespeople know that being distracted will limit their performance at work, they keep doing it.

2. Reasons why you are distracted when telesales

Habits associated with technology devices

As a person who does the job telesales, you are proactive with tools, materials and techniques for reaching out to potential customers. Since there is a lot of work to be done online, when you are doing this activity, a notification from another activity can appear on your screen at any time, that's how it interrupts the activities. you're doing it right now, but you're probably used to it. The era of digital technology develops, so our lives are always associated with the internet and technological devices such as computers and phones, and it has become a habit even when we work. Our brain does not create a clear separation when multitasking, its mode of action will be based on the habits we have.

Not patient enough with the call

Some problems when sales call can distract you, for example, the conversation is going on too long, the prospect is talking about things you're not interested in, or you're taking too long to articulate an issue that's cost you patience. So it becomes more difficult to give full attention to the call. Your brain starts to go into a distracted state, trying to navigate to something more interesting, engaging to make you feel more positive instead of being stuck by the boredom of calls and rejections. customer familiarity.

What you need to do is resist the urge to distract you. No compromise, no suffering, find a way to solve the problem!

Has the conversation gone on too long? Take control and shorten it. You have to focus on leading the conversation in the right direction, so that neither you nor the customer waste each other's time.

3. How not to be distracted when telesales?

First, let's look back at the story of Odysseus in Greek mythology! How does Odysseus resist the enchanting, deadly singing of the sea nymphs Siren? The singing of the sea goddess will cause sailors to crash ships into reefs and die at sea. Odysseus knew he wouldn't be able to resist it either, and as he passed by the island inhabited by the sea nymphs Siren, Odysseus ordered his men to stuff wax in their ears and tie him to the mast. Odysseus could both hear the enchanting singing of the Siren nymphs and his comrades did not let the ship sink. It can be seen that Odysseus is very realistic, he knows his limitations, anticipates the possibilities and finds ways to deal with it.

You don't have an Odysseus-like mast in your office, so here are some things you can do to avoid getting distracted when telesales:

  • Turn off the computer screen (or put the computer in Sleep mode).
  • Place the phone screen face down on the table.
  • Minimize all tabs on the browser.
  • Stay away from screens when you are talking to customers.
  • Regain focus with relaxation such as listening to music or going for a walk in the office (this activity stimulates the creative parts of your brain).

Focus 100% on sales call help you stay responsive and better handle customer issues. You will be able to capture all the little details, understand what your customers mean by what they say, and be able to manage the time of the conversation in the best way. Eliminate distractions to master your work, you will feel more positive and your work will be more productive. Wishing you every success with your sales.

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