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What is successful telesales and how to evaluate sales calls?

You've just hung up after talking to a quality lead that you've been trying to make time to talk to. You've got an extra sales call an hour long is added to your sales report. The next call was also scheduled and you had great talks the whole time sales call that you have done. This should be celebrated right?

Do not rush…

Before you can celebrate, you must call rating sell Has it worked recently or not? Is it possible that after using all the telesales skills If necessary, is it considered a success? After evaluating all the calls, you really want to celebrate because you have successful telesales it's not too late.

Surely you had an interesting conversation with the customer, you made the customer laugh with your witty way of talking. But check your sales this month. If you really want sales call review Whether yours is successful or not, you need to dig a little deeper.

So now we have a pretty big question…How to evaluate sales call Is it really successful?

Once you can answer that question, your sales process won't be so difficult anymore. If you just made a sales call Rated 10/10, you can totally celebrate right away.

We will answer that question together now. After reading this article, you will sales call review your success or not. So let's continue to explore the next information!

How to evaluate a sales call

1. Myths when evaluating a successful sales call

Before you can start thinking about what defines a successful sales call, you need to make sure you know what cannot be used to define a successful sales call.

Many salespeople often make the mistake of evaluate sales call their. The fact that neither you nor the customer is happy in the conversation means that sales call was successful”.

If you and the client have established a good relationship, for example you both find each other interesting and have a great conversation, that's certainly not a bad thing, but it's not. determines whether your call is successful or not.

But can it help you? Certainly yes. If the customer likes you, it will make the rest of your sales process smoother, it will also make it easier for you to navigate the call towards your goals, but you can't just stop there.

2. Two main stages of telesales

First, let's share sales call into two main phases. It is not uncommon for a call Quality can last an hour or so. In fact, there will be a lot sales call longer than an hour.

For simplicity, one sales call can be divided into two main phases:

2.1. Early and mid-call stages

The majority of calls will take place in the early and middle stages. During this phase, you will use telesales techniques to lead the story, starting from introducing yourself, creating a context for the conversation, using a friendly way of talking, saying what the customer is interested in, introducing the product to the customer, how you and your customers feel the value of the conversation and more.

This stage helps you assess whether there is a good match between you and the customer, or you can assess if this is indeed a potential customer.

During this stage, there are two main factors that you need to pay attention to:

  • Quality of customer responses.
  • The quality of the questions that customers ask you. 

The quality mentioned here means that you need to pay attention to how customers give questions and answers, specifically:

  • Does the customer provide you with detailed information?
  • Is the information provided by the customer authentic and reliable?
  • Are customers willing to share information?
  • Do you have trouble finding answers and information from your customers?

Through these suggestions, you can see if the customer is really interested in what you are offering, and whether the customer really thinks they will be a good fit for your product. If customers give you half-answered questions and ask formal questions, it means they are not too interested in your product.

2.2. Call termination phase

This stage will usually be a lot shorter than the first, but this is the moment that determines your sales. The call closing phase helps you determine if the call went well. If you are looking for the most important part of sales call this is the stage.

Success at the end sales call based on two factors:

Factor #1: How are the next steps clearly defined?

When you're talking about next steps, it can go one of two ways. The first way is that you can pinpoint each next step that needs to be taken. The second way is that it just flips through so the call can end. You'll definitely want it to go the crazy way.

If the next step in the process is for a prospect to rate something with their team, how long will it take to get a response? What is the next step? Then what do you need to do? The more detailed the better, if you build and execute the next steps in the sales process in detail with solid timelines, you are more likely to navigate what the customer does. you are ready.

Factor #2: How do customers feel about your next steps?     

This will be a matter of feeling. If the client is really excited about the opportunity to work with you, they will show it. Here are some suggested questions to help you identify the problem:

  • Does the customer prioritize the next steps you've built?
  • Is the client ready to start implementation right away?
  • Does the customer really want to take these next steps?
  • Is the customer excited to take the next steps?

Keeping these two important factors in mind at the end of the call gives you more important information to determine if you have successful telesales or not. Gather all the information from the first part of the call to turn it into action and take the next steps right.

3. How to identify and evaluate a successful sales call

Let's go back to the main question: "How to sales call review Is it really successful or not?

To answer this question, listen carefully to the end of the call and answer the following questions:

  • Are the next steps clearly defined?
  • Does the customer feel happy or excited about taking those next steps?

If the answer to both of these questions is yes, congratulations! successful telesales!

Don't think that the situation where both you and the customer are having a good chat is sales call your was successful. These sales call Success isn't just measured by how good of a conversation you've had, they're also measured by the business performance you've had. Always keep in mind the role of conversion rate in business.

Finally, identifying the next steps at the end of the call is important in sales call review your:

  • Are the next steps clearly defined?
  • Is the customer happy and excited to take the next step?

Focus your attention on this final stage in the following assessment sales call, you will judge which of them is the best call. One of the best ways to improve skill telesales Your are often listening to recordings of the sales call your own, take note of where you've missed an opportunity and adjust it at times telesales next.

With Gcalls – PBX software helps you to record calls with customers automatically, you can access the recordings quickly. When using the software, with just one click, you can instantly connect with customers, chat and take notes right in your contacts, and can review interaction data whenever you want.

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