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Telemarketing: 13 tips to win customers

Perhaps it is not wrong to say that persuading potential customers over the phone is an art. Surely your business always has several competitors offering similar products. In principle, a house telemarketing must convey the value of their product or service to the customer. However, the main problem that most telemarketing campaigns face is the telephonist unable to convey their message to the customer properly.

13 tips to win customers over the phone

Whether you are a business owner or an employee telemarketingHere are 13 of the best and most effective sales tips you can use.

1. Be confident

Whether you handle incoming or outgoing calls, stay confident. Customers can tell the credibility of your brand by observing your tone of voice. If you have any hesitation or concern about customer reviews, it will weigh heavily on your mind and possibly affect your customer's interest. Hesitation not only gives a bad impression of yourself but also the brand you represent. By being confident, you can channel good energy and bring high trust in the hearts of customers.

2. Maintain a natural tone

One of the most common problems with professionals telemarketing speech that doesn't sound natural. It may take time to learn about product features and familiarize yourself with the call script, but speaking in a natural voice shows that you can answer customer questions with ease. Experienced shoppers can immediately tell that you're making up a story or reading a script if you keep talking like a machine during a conversation. 

3. Listen to the customer

Experts telemarketing often give their own opinion before the customer asks a question. One mistake these dealers often make is that they are less attentive to customer problems and more interested in selling the product. This makes a bad impression on your customers. The right approach is to listen to the customer's opinion, then outline the benefits of your product or service, and emphasize how the product can easily solve a customer's problem such as: how. 

Listening is an extremely important skill in telemarketing

4. Don't make assumptions or guess your own ideas

Experts telemarketing often guessing the meaning of the customer's sentences in a different way and leading to a different meaning. Remember that each customer is unique and their experience using a particular product may not be the same as that of others. Listen to what they are saying, try to speculate and interrupt. As this can tarnish your image as well as your company, customers may hang up the call when they feel disrespected.

5. Make your conversation interesting

You should try to eliminate all hesitant words like “uhm”, “oh” and “ahh” as they will reduce the quality of the call. Instead, you should use words with meanings that firmly support your logic. After your client finishes a sentence, you should think about what you can say that will help make a good impression in their mind and give your opinion accordingly.

6. Maintain proper body posture

You may be wondering what body position has to do with selling products over the phone. In fact, sitting up straight or standing up to chat helps to make your voice clearer. You will be more confident when you keep the correct body posture. When you sit in a reclined position or talk with your head down, the vocal cords cannot open freely. This also affects the level of confidence and clarity in your speech.

7. Be prepared for rejections

When you market your products over the phone, you are bound to face a lot of rejections. Your client will probably object to your opinion and you need to explain calmly. Experts telemarketing often hesitate to give their arguments for fear of being ridiculed by their customers. However, selling a product involves persuasion along with other communication techniques, so take the time to explain how your brand stands out from other companies.

8. The right workspace

Area where telephonist work must not be messy. Crowded and noisy workplaces do not allow professionals telemarketing focus on sales. You need to be seated separately in a separate space to be able to chat with customers more effectively.

Work space is also a factor affecting call quality

9. Develop relationships with customers

Advanced communication skills come into play in the marketing process. You need to establish a relationship and understanding with the customer before diving deeper into sales. From the outset, it's important to keep the customer's problems in mind so you can convey the right value of your product at the right time. You should also smile when talking to customers. Although they can't see you, it can radiate energy and show warmth and humanity in communication.

10. Control your speaking speed

When you're marketing your product, it's important to help the person on the other end of the line understand what you're saying. Speak slowly enough for them to get the point, especially when explaining product attributes. You may know the features and specifications of your product, but your customers may not. If you have a habit of speaking fast, try to reduce your speaking speed to around 20%. 

11. Repeat customer name when chatting

One of the most effective ways to get customers' attention is to call them by name. Repeat their name at least three times during the conversation, this will help attract more interest from them. Communication experts focus on the importance of using names in conversations, as it strengthens the bond between two people. Using a name also makes your customers feel cared for and valued. 

12. Repeat the customer's words

When a customer talks about an issue, you need to praise or repeat that opinion to build attachment. Even if their opinion is different from what you say, you still need to understand the customer's point of view first before giving your explanation. However, this strategy should not be overused, otherwise it may cause discomfort with customers. As a marketer, you must understand customer preferences, question expectations, understand their problems and other aspects. Customers love interacting with an agent who shows interest in their interests.

13. Use a Trusted Telemarketing Software Platform

If not supported by telemarketing software suitable for implementing campaigns, the work will be inefficient and experts can quickly find themselves stuck because of not meeting KPIs. According to statistics, 40% calls fall into the cases of subscriber, wrong number, busy phone, no answer, voice mail. Not to mention 50%, the number of calls that were picked up was cut off or rejected outright by the customer. If equipped PBX software like Gcalls With the feature of automatically calling out and connecting employees only when the customer picks up the phone, HR will not have to waste time on unproductive calls and focus their energy on conversations with customers, from That brings much more efficiency to the campaign as well as the company's revenue. In addition, these tools also allow you to create scripts, take notes, schedule appointments and report statistics etc, bypassing a lot of manual work for both professionals and managers. 

Above are 13 tips to help you improve your telemarketing method and increase sales for your company. Today, it is becoming increasingly difficult for customers to convince themselves among countless options and similar products and services. Understanding your customers, assessing their needs, and then approaching them with the right marketing strategy that focuses on the customer's interests and not your own will help build trust and win customers' hearts. row.

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