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TOP 10 top sales tracking software for businesses

Imagine you are the general manager of the New York Yankees and are trying to put together a baseball team without looking at the stats that break down the athletes' most recent games. Is this possible or not? 

In fact, collecting data on how a baseball team has played in the past will lay the groundwork for successful future game strategies. Applying this to the sales of a business, you can see if the business is not using Sales tracking software To track performance isn't the best way to run a business, no matter what industry it's in.

The use of CRM software and tracking sales process can help sales staff to stay on track with work easily and generate an increase in sales performance in the next quarter.

What do you look for in a sales tracking software?

One Sales tracking software great will be the software that helps you keep track of the huge amount of digitized data that you collect every day. Thereby producing useful reports and analysis to help your sales team improve and improve work efficiency.

Currently there are many types of software that do a good job of data collection, but depending on the purpose of using the data, you choose the right CRM software. You can look at the following 3 factors to choose the right software. 

1. Conversion rate

You should choose a tracking software that is capable of tracking a large trove of data on sales metrics such as conversion rates. 

The conversion rate here is a number that represents a percentage based on the number of leads and sales of a business. Example: If a website has 500 visits in 1 month and has 100 products sold, the conversion rate is 100 /500 * 100 = 20%. 

Determining the conversion rate will help businesses adjust sales process Focus on your leads and improve your sales presentation for your team. 

2. Sales figures from potential customers

You've probably heard of the Pareto Principle, also known as the 80/20 rule, which means that 20% of your efforts will yield 80% results. Chances are, it only takes a small source of leads to drive large amounts of your sales.

The problem is that not everyone is interested in finding potential sources of customers and has the right marketing strategy to find this group of customers.

Example: A large portion of your sales come from leads generated from your email marketing strategy, so you have to spend more time generating leads through that channel. and less time for other channels.

Therefore you need a software that can track this metric to review, come up with a suitable marketing strategy and bring in a part of the revenue for your business.

3. Revenue per order

When it comes to conversion rates, people are usually interested in total revenue. However, the revenue per order is also an extremely important number.

By monitoring this metric, you can uncover vulnerabilities in sales process for example, when you sell one item with the main product at a cheaper price, you will reduce a certain amount of revenue from the 2 products and result in lower revenue per order than with total expected revenue.

10 recommended sales tracking software for salespeople

Sales tracking software is a smart tool to help you process customer information and indicators quickly and effectively.

1. Pipedrive software

One of the greatest features of Pipedrive software is the “Deal Rotting” feature, a feature that helps salespeople schedule appointments and spot appointments with customers. any customer has been missed, this is an important factor that businesses need to pay attention to in the sales process so as not to lose any customers. 

Pipedrive also provides a simple and intuitive interface with metrics so you can easily monitor and evaluate the performance of your salespeople. 

Pipedrive can help keep track of how well or underperforming sales team members are.

Source: Pipedrive software.

Main features of Pipedrive: Pipedrive offers an artificial intelligence-generated “Sales Mentor” that provides personalized tips to improve your sales performance.

2. Sales tracking software Insightly

Insightly's interface is an important part of making this software attractive to salespeople. The software does a good job of organizing and allocating the data you want to track, and visually generates metrics from it, making it easy to make changes that can be applied to your workflow. your sales team's job.

Insightly also has a smart feature that can help you filter out the statistical data at your disposal.

Insightly does a good job of organizing and allocating data.

Source: Insightly Software.

Main features of Insightly: Insightly provides powerful data tools to create a big picture of your customers, but still includes small details relevant to each individual customer that can help you identify needs them and improve sales conversion rates.

3. HubSpot CRM software

HubSpot CRM provides an interface that displays real-time sales statistics, so your sales team can always keep a close eye on the status of every lead in sales process. You can track the flow of transactions made by each salesperson to see how your employees are working against their targets.

HubSpot also offers activity logging so you can track your leads' activities in real time.

HubSpot's dashboard shows stats in real time.

Source: HubSpot CRM software.

HubSpot CRM Key Features: HubSpot brings revenue value far beyond the money spent on marketing strategy by integrating many solutions in one to run campaigns Inbound Marketing, from there Improve the group of leads to provide to your sales team.

4. Agile CRM software

Agile CRM helps keep a close eye on customer support metrics such as filtering all support tickets with closed status, average time to claim resolution, and you can adjust metrics important number that you want to display on the home page of the software.

You can use this data to devise strategies to improve response times, increase customer satisfaction, and retain customers. In addition, this data can also help you gain more new customers, contributing to increased sales.

The Agile CRM dashboard is great for tracking customer support metrics.

Source: Agile CRM software.

Key features of Agile CRM: Agile CRM's contact management brings all your customer related data in one place and it's constantly updated, so you can reach all your leads quickly. everytime everywhere.

5. Bitrix24 sales tracking software

This CRM software does a good job of tracking marketing spend so you know which campaigns should continue and which should be discontinued. This software also has the function of tracking keywords and channels for you to reduce marketing costs.

Bitrix24 also offers a number of sales tracking tools to help users increase conversion rates, as well as see how the sales team is doing to achieve their target quota and conversion rates.

Bitrix24 provides a great interface to display key data.

Source: Bitrix24 software.

Bitrix24 Key Features: Bitrix24 excels by its collaboration feature, activity suggestion feature, chat group creation feature, schedule sharing feature, workgroup creation feature… all on the same interface platform.

6. Close CRM software

Close has excellent reporting tools that allow you to track key performance indicators. A Close's visualization report page will provide a visual view of the metrics for your sales team, helping them stay on track and achieve their goals.

Close also analyzes the performance of each member of the sales team based on the metrics you've chosen to track. You have full customization of the report sheet to choose the functions that are right for your business. 

Close CRM's reporting tool helps you track KPIs.

Source: Close CRM software.

Key features of Close CRM: With one-click auto-calling, Close CRM makes contacting salespeople's leads easier. It's easier than ever to help your sales team reach as many customers as possible through the sales funnel.

7. Salesforce CRM software

Salesforce has cutting-edge analytics features so you can set Return-on-investment (ROI) goals and comprehensively track your marketing campaigns to reduce your Cost Per Acquisition ( your cost-per-acquisition (CPA). 

Salesforce's sales tracking capabilities let you predict outcomes and make recommendations on how your sales team can improve.

Salesforce's analytics platform is powered by AI with the ability to connect data from multiple sources. 

Salesforce provides intuitive charts and graphs.

Source: Salesforce CRM software.

Key features of Salesforce CRM: Salesforce software goes beyond a sales management software and creates customer satisfaction, while helping to maintain regular purchasing habits and enhance your brand's reputation.

8. SugarCRM . Software

SugarCRM is software that does a great job of creating detailed customer profiles so you can track everything about that lead.

You can map out a roadmap for your customers, starting from the first conversation to a customer satisfaction survey and even after they choose to buy your product.

SugarCRM also helps summarize work, provides data sheets and reports, from which to generate sales forecasts and identify areas where you need to improve.

SugarCRM has very powerful sales tracking features.

Source: Sugar Software.

Main features of SugarCRM: SugarCRM has the ability to collect vast amounts of data about your customers to generate trends and make predictions that you can use to boost your bottom line.

9. Vtiger Sales CRM software

Vtiger software makes data collection, form filling and monthly report generation simpler, easier and faster.

You can also share these reports and schedule them automatically in the future. The platform allows you to track a variety of metrics and can use filters to dig into more insights if desired.

Vtiger allows you to create reports by filling out forms quickly.

Source: Vtiger software.

Main features of Vtiger Sales CRM: Vtiger has tools that allow you to automatically assign leads to a certain salesperson in your sales team based on attributes like availability, location, and deal size.

10. Zoho CRM software

Zoho CRM offers advanced analytics to keep you on track sales process, from generating leads to closing orders.

You can also create visualization reports using the software's utilities to create charts, filter data, and measure goals. 

This software combines CRM data and generates detailed reports to show trends that can help you increase the efficiency of your sales team. And you can share and export these report pages to your team or anyone else.

Zoho CRM has advanced analytics options for granular metrics.

Source: Zoho Software.

Zoho CRM Key Features: Zoho CRM helps automate your workflow, so every time you take an action, you don't have to go and enter information – it does it for you, helping you have more time for sales calls.

Choose a sales tracking software that's right for you

All of the above are great solutions to help your business track key sales metrics, but that doesn't mean they're all right for your business. Some software can do a good job of tracking fundamental analysis for a relatively cheap price, but if you want detailed data, you have to pay more.

Or if you need detailed reports and are willing to spend money, then simple cheap software is definitely not the choice for you.

Here are the TOP 10 tools Sales tracking software top for sales people to help them be productive and help the business grow. You can go through a few CRM examples and try them out to get an objective assessment and choose the right software for your business.

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