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The future of business call centers: 10 most prominent trends

By 2025, business switchboard What will it look like? Although there are many predictions about the change and development of this industry in the future, one certainty is that thanks to the rise of cloud computing, the PBX system will no longer be confined to one office. 

However, freeing up office space does not cause businesses to eliminate contact centers. Instead, the ubiquity of social media can make a business the center of attention on social networks at any time, for better or worse, based on the quality of the customer experience that the business provides. that brings. 

Therefore, from now on, superior customer service will become a competitive advantage of businesses. In which, technology, namely, call center software (switchboard software nice PBX software) is the most effective tool to help businesses achieve that. 

This article outlines the 10 most prominent future trends that will completely transform the world business switchboard in the next 10 years. 

Top 10 trends shaping the future of business call centers

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1. Enterprise PBX will become a “relationship hub”

Over the years, many people have defaulted business switchboard as a support model to solve customer problems immediately. This leads in the short-term strategy of many companies, PBX system merely a center to answer questions and advise solutions to a problem that their customers are facing. However, in the 4.0 era, it also requires this place to become a place to anticipate needs and improve customer experience. Therefore, instead of the problem being discovered only when there is a problem, the role of business switchboard In the next 10 years, it is expected to become an indispensable part of the business strategy, acting as a "relationship hub" of the business.

At that time, the call center staff will be the first to know if something is wrong and are therefore fully qualified to advise the business. Those who directly communicate with customers know what they really think.

Typically, customer service is usually the next stage after a successful customer acquisition by the marketing department. But really, customer care should be part of every stage of business development, providing sales and marketing with repeat shoppers and advocates, as well as an essential data to manage. management and product development.


2. Customer care staff will become “super employees”

When call center switchboard becoming an increasingly important part of the business, the call center staff also. They will need to adapt their skill sets to meet future customer needs and the expectations set by management.

In addition, thanks to the increase in user community and features "self-help", in the future, only the most complex matters need to be called switchboard number. Therefore, the customer care staff will need to be ready to solve the most challenging customer problems and based on those situations determine what the cause of the problem is. 

Therefore, it is not surprising that in the next ten years, a call center staff on average will need to equip more skills.

In addition to excellent communication skills, they need to have analytical problem-solving skills, project management – and in some cases technical training, for a more detailed understanding of a product or service.

In addition, the customer care staff will need to be able to adapt quickly to changes in technology – from being an expert in every new app and social network, to using data effectively on customer relationship management their Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

The future of agents 

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3. Smart Routing will direct calls to the most suitable operator

With intelligent routing mechanism, video calls from customers will be dispatched to the right call center staff currently in charge of that customer, the nearest support staff or to the department that has been set up to specialize/priority. Call routing will thrive in the next 10 years thanks to developments in CRM and workflow management systems.

Many also believe that organizations will begin to display a list of employees who are online so that customers can choose and call directly the person that best suits their needs.


4. Web chat will become a popular customer service channel

The call communication channel still has limitations that affect the quality of the conversation between customers and customers call center staff. Some disadvantages can be mentioned such as: long waiting time when all call center staff are busy, staff explain but customers do not understand,,…. However, the success of Amazon Mayday has made live video chat a reality and overcome these problems. (MayDay is a free 24/7 online support service through video chat on the phone that helps users answer questions when purchasing or product information. According to Amazon, response time is from you press the call button until the airline agent responds in an average of 10 seconds.)

This is a channel with great potential, as it allows call center staff Personalize connection with customers through live chat. Plus, through video calls you can visually explain to your customers how things work. Even if the connection is lost, you can still watch pre-recorded video tutorials. 

Web video chat also allows centers to anticipate problems as customers navigate to their website and ensure correct call center staff appeared at the right time.

Video calls will become a potential customer care channel

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5. Customer service at the Enterprise Call Center will become a competitive capacity for businesses

With the rise of intangible products that exist only through your mobile phone or laptop, customer experience is becoming increasingly important as a competitive differentiator. for Business. 

Great customer service is no longer simply a wish for gain or loss, it has become a basic need of customers and they are willing to pay for the best experience. 

Statistically, a poor customer experience will cause half of consumers to switch to a competitor's product. 

Plus, with a sustainable competitive advantage dead, companies can no longer rely on well-defined niches to keep their lead. Giving customers “experiences” that are hard to find elsewhere has become more important, and customer service is vital. 

At the same time, the growth of social media can make customer service experiences from 1:1 interactions between buyers and sellers public on social networks at a rapid rate. fast. 

When things become transparent, brands can no longer hide their bad customer service. Every business leaves an “online trace” of their successes and failures for all to see. 

As a result, companies will begin to compete to provide the best customer service with the goal of getting customer referrals and positive reviews on social media. 

Customer service will become a competitiveness for businesses


6. Mobile is the future of customer service agents and customers

According to the Economist, mobile apps are predicted to become the second most important channel for interacting with brands – after social media.

And it's not just apps, as mobile phones are becoming an increasingly important part of most people's daily lives. The phone contains the most means for customers to contact you – via email, live chat, social media, or via video call.

Companies need to optimize their mobile apps for this – especially by allowing customers to perform multiple tasks on their mobile devices. For example, they can read the page Frequently asked questions while the phone gives call center staff.

The customer care staff Yours will also have similar needs on mobile devices. Being able to access the CRM app by phone is key to working more flexibly. 


7. Expect favorite channels to change (and change)

When consumers demand a personalized approach to everything – they expect to be able to combine customer service channels to create a service that works best.

However, it is increasingly difficult to predict and plan for channel jumping. That's why we predict that regardless of current preferences, it will likely change several times over the next ten years.

How contact centers can adapt to customers switching between communication channels will determine their success. This is especially true if businesses want to attract Gen Y, who are known for channeling, as they go from mobile to tablet to laptop, all in a matter of hours. Being able to track those funnel jumps while keeping content engaged is key to customer service success.

And it's not just about keeping up with changes in devices or channels, businesses need to keep their own technology up to date. New apps and social networks are rolling out all the time – WhatsApp is a great example of a rapidly growing channel and is becoming a popular choice for customer service.


8. Voice biometrics will replace security questions

“What was your mother's maiden name?” is one of many common security questions, but over the next ten years it will focus on how customers answer a question rather than the answer itself confirming their identity.

Collecting a customer's unique "voiceprints" could be the answer to security issues as voice biometric technology evolves.

Replicating a human voice is much more difficult than stealing confidential customer information. Voice biometrics capture the complexity of the human voice – from determining the size and shape of the mouth to the tension of the vocal cords.

Voice biometrics will replace security questions

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9. The teleworking and location-based services of the Enterprise Call Center will increase significantly

With the increase of the software virtual PBX (cloud-based SaaS), placing all call center staff Your in an office is no longer needed. Meanwhile, having employees work remotely will bring more outstanding benefits. 

This approach can reduce operating costs a PBX system and give employees more flexibility. It is predicted that the increasing number of virtual call centers may lead to more location-based services. 

For example, a customer can automatically connect to a remote operator who is dozens of kilometers away. These agents can even arrange to meet with clients if necessary, which can be very helpful for certain sectors.

Location-based services will increase significantly in the future

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10. Internet of Things (Internet of Things)

Described by many as the third great wave of computing – the Internet of Things could change the way the world works.

With more and more devices being able to connect to each other or to other devices or people independently, this is giving rise to a world where almost anything can be connected. 

This can have huge implications for contact centers as it allows businesses to provide priority services. For example, if a patient's heart monitor overheats, it can send an automated service request to the appropriate team.

At a closer level, washing machines can self-diagnose problems and notify the manufacturer when parts need replacing – at this point, the user doesn't have to deal with these issues.

Shopping habits will also change. Instead of buying a single product, consumers buy a product with built-in customer service, agreeing to pay extra for the best customer service. 

Internet of Things will change the call center industry

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