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Build a follow-up email strategy to help sell effectively (Part 1)

One email strategy perfect defined on the basis of Creating a follow-up email sequence for cold emails can help businesses effective sales The first cold email is very important. A cold email quality when converging the following factors: personalizing the reader, highlighting the values brought to the customer, showing the achievements and always having a clear CTA, all these will bring opportunity effective sales for Business.

But in most cases your first email may not get a response from the customer. It may not be the content of your cold email, but it may be at the time you send the email.

Businesses are transitioning to working from home, your potential customers are most likely to receive a flurry of cold emails every day, and your emails are likely to drift in their inbox if you don't send them. well-timed. It's also possible that the prospect viewed the email but was too busy or distracted by something that prevented them from taking any action afterward. You never know unless you send them a second email.

Most sales reps hesitate to pursue leads. They don't want to be seen as spam or stalkers. So they send a cold email and wait for the prospect to respond, and when they don't get a response they give up. That is a wrong approach.

The key to getting an answer is sending a follow-up email. Heather Morgan, CEO of Sales Folk said, “Even if your first cold email goes unanswered, your second email still has a 21% chance of being read.”

In this post you will learn how to build email strategy follow-up sequentially for cold email, or in other words how to create rhythm sell effective, strategy This will help you fill the funnel sell and ultimately close more deals.

How to build a follow-up email strategy to help sell effectively (part 1)

How often should you send a follow-up email? 

One of the most frequently asked questions by sales development reps is “How long should I follow-up leads?” The answer often depends on how they interact with your email. One CRM software or an email outreach tool with an email tracking mechanism that can help you find the problem.

Let's take a look at some email strategy follow-up for different types of leads:

  • Potential customers who responded positively at least once or expressed interest but suddenly became disinterested: Send follow-up emails until they respond. Don't mind them saying no or asking you to stop sending emails, as long as you have their answer and can move on to other leads.
  • For leads who have shown little interest like opening and clicking your email but haven't responded: Send follow-up emails as long as they reply, maybe the prospect is interested in your offer but they haven't had time to reply yet. You have the opportunity to provide an added value, solution, or solve another difficult customer problem so that when the time comes that the prospect is really interested in buying a solution, your solution will appear first in their mind.
  • Potential customers who don't engage with your email: Send follow-up emails 6 to 8 times. This is a sufficient number, if you send more emails you will not get any additional benefit, your emails will very likely go into their spam filter and may just damage your reputation. only you.

When is it appropriate to send follow-up emails in an email strategy? 

The right follow-up email frequency depends on your leads. Here is a general structure for scheduling follow-up emails.

  • Day 1: Cold email.
  • Day 3: Email follow-up number 1, email follow-up first.
  • Day 7: Email follow-up #2, with a new value chain, send this email at a different time than follow-up email #1.
  • Day 12: Email follow-up #3, with a call to action.
  • Day 18: Follow-up email number 4, this email tells the customer that you want to ask permission to follow-up the customer later (the email almost represents the end of the process).
  • Day 23: Email follow-up number 5, with a new email series that provides a link to a useful resource that the business wants to send to customers.
  • Day 28: Email follow-up number 6, email declaring the end (breakup mail).

Then, the business sends a monthly follow-up email to the customer.

There are no bound rules for setting the span effective sales and fast. It depends on the person, the context, and your relationship with that person. For example, if you're following up with someone extremely busy and important like the CEO of a company, it's best to allow extra time between follow-up emails 5 to 7 days after the follow-up email. first, and then the weekly email.

And the most important part of the article is how to write follow-up emails sequentially for cold email to help you. effective sales, all will be at the end of the article about email strategy this.

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