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Build a follow-up email strategy to help sell effectively (Last part)

How to write follow-up emails?

Here are some follow-up email examples that you can use to email your leads based on: email strategy Being mention.


Chiến lược email giúp bán hàng hiệu quả

How to build a follow-up email strategy to help sell effectively (last part)

3rd day:

First follow-up email.

For potential customers who haven't responded to your first email, send this email on the same subject. Provide context with which you have previously contacted them. This email must be a modified version of the first email, it must convey the same message but worded differently.

Sample follow-up email:

Hello Mr/Ms…,

I'd like to apologize if I emailed you at the wrong time last time, and if you find that email a bit salesy.

I decided to contact your company because I believe your company can add value to your current system.

Is using [solutions and benefits…] a priority for your company? If so, can I suggest an email exchange or short phone call with you? Thank you for taking the time to consider.

Let me know how you decide.

7th day:

Send follow-up email #2, with a new value chain, send this email at a different time than follow-up email #1.

Use this as an opportunity for you to offer another benefit, a solution, or solve a difficult customer problem. You can also try applying email strategy this at a different time than the first email.

Sample follow-up email:

Hello Mr/Ms…,

Please contact me to ask if you are satisfied with your current system.

My side has helped many companies [examples], improved [solutions and benefits…].

Can you schedule a 5 minute call so I can explain how you could [do the work your solution supports] better?

Thank you for your consideration.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Some links:

[Link 1]

[Link 2]

[Link 3]

12th day:

Email follow-up number 3, with a call to action.

Just recreate your desired call-to-action in this email without much explanation. It could be taking a call, connecting you to the right person in your client's organization, or just having the customer reply to your email.

Sample follow-up email:

Hello Mr/Ms…,

I hope you had a chance to look at my previous email and it didn't drift in your inbox.

Can you connect me to the person in charge of your [department]?

I look forward to hearing from you guys.

18th day:

Email strategy follow-up number 4, this email tells the customer that you want to ask permission to follow-up the customer later (the email almost represents the end of this follow-up process)

If you don't get a response from your prospect after email follow-up #3, you can send them an email that almost represents the end of the follow-up process. The purpose of this email is to ask permission to pursue them later. If they say no, then you can stop emailing them.

Sample follow-up email:

Hello Mr/Ms…,

I always try my best to help my customers.

We have achieved great success with [customer 1] and [customer 2] by improving [benefits with your product name].

Can you arrange a short call at 10:00 a.m. Wednesday?

I apologize if this is not within the scope of your work.

I hope you can let me know who I should contact to discuss this issue in more detail.

Day 23:

Follow-up email number 5, with a new email sequence that provides a link to a useful resource you want to send to customers.

At this point, you're left with people who are quite interested in your solution but haven't responded to your call to action. Maybe you didn't send it in at the right time, or maybe it's not on their top priority list right now. This is where you can add value by sharing some helpful resources for their industry or their work. The whole idea here is to nurture these leads in your sales campaigns.

Sample follow-up email:

Hello Mr/Ms…,

I just read this article about [their problem, or the impact of something on their business].

I was hoping to have a little chat about this with you, as well as talk about the processes that apply to this at [business name].

[add recognized achievements to gain prestige and credibility].

Would you mind if I contact you next Wednesday to introduce our company and discuss this matter in more detail?

Day 28:

Email strategy follow-up number 6, breakup mail.

Say the right closing word to potential customers who have shown interest but aren't replying to your emails. Basically, it works on the principle of loss avoidance (Loss Aversion). This email is also likely to work because you're turning the momentum around by choosing to walk away instead of continuing to pursue the customer. Your closing email should not show signs of frustration or criticism.

Sample follow-up email:

Hello Mr/Ms…,

I have tried to contact you a few times with suggestions to help you improve [name of department using your solution], but have not received a response.

Are you interested in [solving the problem] with [your solution] at [their company name]? Let me know!

Note: Loss Aversion is understood as the psychological pain of loss that is twice as strong as the joy of gain. It evokes a feeling of loss for customers, they feel that they are about to lose you (because you announced that you are no longer pursuing), so it is likely that customers will hold you back.

So what is your email follow-up strategy?

The best way for you effective sales and increase email conversion rate is when you have email strategy follow-up is done sequentially, following the process described in the article above. When you follow-up customers over the phone, you can easily feel the annoyance and the probability of getting a 'maybe' or 'no' answer from the customer is much higher than in an email. There are also times when customers may reject you even if they are really interested in your solution.

It's important to keep your cold emails short but still consistent. If a prospect has shown interest in your solution but hasn't responded to your email, keep pursuing until they respond. But if you don't get any response to your cold email, it's best to stop after 6 emails and focus on other customers.

These email templates follow-up This is a great starting point to send to your potential customers. Next, let's discuss: As a sales development representative (SDR), email strategy follow-up and beat effective sales What is your? Think and comment below, or tag your friends and colleagues in this discussion!

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